A Basic Guide to Baby Strollers

An Overall View on Baby Strollers and a Checklist

Picking out a stroller can be rather hard to do; this is because there are so many to choose from as well as so many different features and aspects to take into consideration. There is a type of stroller out there for everything and of course complete baby safety and baby comfort is what is most wanted and are found to be available in all kinds of baby stroller models.

First things first, start narrowing the list down by figuring out the basics such as who will be using it, a newborn, a toddler, one baby, two babies, and or three babies? As well as who will be doing the pushing, how much will it be used, where it will be when not in use, what kind of budget is there to work with and much, much more? The more you determine now the less you have to do later and the faster you will get to your ideal baby stroller.


Features of a Full Size Baby Stroller

  • Height handle that is adjustable
  • Canopy that is adjustable
  • A parent tray
  • Several different reclining positions
  • Able to fold with one hand
  • A five point safety harness seat belt
  • A child tray
  • A storage basket that is extra-large in size
  • A compact fold with tires that are quick release
  • A front wheel that swivels and locks
  • A suspension system with shock absorbers
  • Rubber wheels that are inflated with air

Other Types of Baby Strollers

A Travel System:
Designed for someone who is always one the move; it is a stroller, a base, and a car seat all in one package. It is the easiest of strollers for taking your baby that is napping from the stroller to the car and back.
A Jogging Stroller:
This type of stroller is ideal for someone who is always outside, either in the city walking around or on the trails working out. Wheels made of rubber with some shock absorbers make for the smoothest and most comforting ride for your baby.
A Lightweight Stroller:
This type of stroller has the least amount of fuss with it; it doesn’t take up much room at all and they are easy to bring around anywhere. Usually this stroller is used as a backup stroller or as a stroller for toddlers.
Double and Triple Seater Strollers:
Double strollers are strollers for people who have two kids and triple strollers are for people who have three kids. They both come in side by side versions and tandems; side by side models are where the children sit next to each other, from left to right and tandem models are where the kids sit in a row like from front to back.


Perfect Stroller Checklist

This checklist is called the perfect stroller checklist because it includes what the baby stroller must have as well as what is good to have for the baby stroller. Overall this checklist is meant to make shopping for a baby stroller a lot easier and a lot more convenient on your behalf. Use it as a base guide and make it personal based on your lifestyle.

Must Haves for the Stroller

  • A traditional stroller or a complete travel system to always use
  • A lightweight stroller for backup and older age
  • An area considered to be a carrier
  • Room for the diaper bag and other baby essentials

Good to have for the Stroller

  • A jogging stroller for outdoor activities
  • Toys for the stroller
  • Some shades and or covers for the stroller
  • Accessories for the stroller such as trays, extra storage areas, extendable handle, etc.

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We can take any essential tips from many kind of baby stroller site.
When you’re looking at double strollers then weight, size and ease of use become even more important. It’s no surprise that double umbrella strollers are a popular segment of the double stroller market.
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