Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat
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100% polyester. Imported. Most versatile stroller on the market today, the City Select was designed to keep your family rolling as it grows from one child to two

Congratulations for having a baby who has brought a lot of joy in to your life. As a parent, you always want your baby to have the very best you can get your hands and wallet on.

For more than a quarter a century now, secure and very dependable strollers have been made by The Baby Jogger Company. Every single city select double stroller made by this company is designed with the sole purpose of ensuring that the baby is secure and the parent gets dependable services out of it. Purchasing a unit from this company will therefore give you real value for your hard earned money.

Features of the Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

Looking at the unique Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with Second Seat, we end up understanding more how much planning, thought and design is factored in when this stroller is being produced. The unit can be customized in to different styles, sizes and shapes as it has a total of 16 different possible set ups. This is the dream every parent has, especially those parents having a tot, a newborn and a tot or twins.


To begin with, there is a bassinet, which is designed to uniquely fit into the baby jogger city’s attachment. If you buy this unique stroller, you will have truly invested in a unit that grows with your child.

This is due to the additional accessories hat include the above mentioned bassinet together with a second seat that makes it useful for them that have twins or other smaller or rather young family members.

This baby jogger is also credited for being a streamlined and lightweight unit. If you are a parent who is interested in function, safety together with any additional extra convenience, then the product for you to go for is nothing short of the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2nd Seat Onyx.

It is a stroller with all these extended features you need.

Traveling becomes a joy when you have this machine. Unlike other baby joggers that are either very heavy & big to transport or even, almost impossible to travel with, his unit is light and streamlined making it less heave and less voluminous to travel with. You may not realize how the streamline and low weight features are important until that time you are planning to move.

Streamlined less massive build is just a joy to travel with. In a nutshell, the company did not only consider function and safety but it is also easy to store and generally user-friendly.


The one hand reclining or/and folding process of the unit makes it a great convenience for any mother. Its reclining can be done to nearly level. This is a factor that’s boosted by its number of reclining positions- four that lacks in most of the other strollers. Its width will remain the same regardless of whether it is reclined or it is sitting up.

Six months is the recommended age to ride in the unit is six months. However, the company thought it wise to make life easier for parents from the time the child is born. For this reason, the special bassinet was designed for fitting the unique attachment hence you can use your stroller from the time your child or children are born.

This is a well thought of design that makes it a joy for you and your child as they ride in it.


This stroller has got unique features that cannot be found in any other stroller. There is no other stroller that can be flat folded just in a single step by the use of a single hand. It also has the provision of adjusting the unit to a single seat or double tiered car seats. This makes it very ideal for your growing family as you can use it to stroll two children.

Most of the other units in the market are only capable of carrying a single baby at a time. In addition, it is difficult to come across a stroller that can be used to stroll out newly born babies that have not yet gotten to the age of six months. In case you want to use it to stroll two babies who are either twins or are close in age, a second seat will have to be purchased.

Durability is yet another aspect that any parent will have to consider especially during such difficult times. The City Select Stroller has been designed to last you through your entire stroller years.

Other Features

Below are some of the other features that are associated with this baby stroller:

  • It has quick release wheels; These are the 12 inch forever – air tire together with the 8 inch dual front tires that ensures convenience during travelling.
  • A quick-fold technology that makes it possible to fold the stroller quickly and simply with just a single hand
  • Parking brake that’s hand operated
  • Easy grip and wide telescoping handlebar
  • A sun canopy that’s with a “Peek a boo windows” which have multiple positions for control of weather and keeping light out.

In a nutshell, the City Select Stroller has the features below.

  • It is very comfortable for the young ones
  • It has a huge expandable under basket for carrying goods
  • Its seat is adjustable in four different ways
  • It can easily be folded and is streamlined making it easy to travel with

What Customers Are Saying ?

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By now, you know that the Baby Jogger company is very much concerned of the convenience and safety needs that any parent is interested in. the above features are not all that are in the unit. A large compartment is also provided for under the seat to boost the storage and carrying ability of the stroller. All these are features that ensure the parents of the baby travel happily wherever they go. They are at least sure of enjoying being with their little ones and at the same time being sure of their comfort. A happy baby makes the mother happy. Invest in this city select double stroller by Baby Jogger and you will get real value for your money.

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