Banana Food Recipes for Babies

For a growing baby, the most important thing in his life is food. He is in need of food which is nutrient rich and at the same time healthy. This is the reason we think banana will be the magical ingredient that he needs. It has the nutrients that are required by the kids because it has a high content of vitamins B2, B6 and C. This is the reason we bring to you some of the most popular baby food recipes with bananas.

Baby Food Recipes With Banana

Fried Bananas

If you really want your little ones to enjoy something that is fried at this tender age then what’s better than those crackling fried bananas. It is safe for babies who have attained the age of 6 months, but we will recommend that you hold out till 8 months before bringing it in their diet regularly. All you need here are some bananas, hearty butter to make it a little more soft and yummy and a little bit of ginger or cinnamon as per your preference. Your first step in cooking the dish should be to add the butter to the frying pan and let it heat up. The bananas should be sliced to facilitate better cooking and after the butter is heated up, add the bananas. After that, put some spices if you want and the dish is ready. You can either serve the dish to the baby as it is or mash it. No matter what you do, it will be tasty.

Mashed Bananas

This is probably a fan favorite and frankly a staple almost in any house which has a small baby. The mashed bananas are a mash of joy that is easy to make, making it perfect for young mothers who are getting a grasp of motherhood gradually. To make the dish, you will need a formula or some water, but best would be mother’s milk as there isn’t anything more nutritious for a baby than this milk and of course you will need some bananas as well. To make this dish better, you will need to cut the bananas into small pieces and then put them in a bowl where you will have to mash it with preferably a fork. Remember that these bananas are ripe; therefore have a soft texture; so, application of the liquid will depend on the age of the child. To keep it simple you can make a banana puree by mashing it in a food blender.

Banana Custard

Find a person who will not drool over the chance of eating a bowl of banana custard; so how can the new born resist such a tempting proposition! To make this gooey wonder, you will need some bananas which are preferably ripe, either a liquid formula or milk should be used as per your choice, egg yolks are also a useful ingredient for the budding babies and a pinch of spices to top it off. Firstly you have to add all the ingredients in a food blender where you will mix them together. The mixture that you make should not be runny and must have a little bit of thickness for it to be better custard. After the mixture is made put them in a dish and let it cook in an oven for some time. The best way to check whether the dish is ready is by doing the knife test. In this test you put the knife in the middle of the dish and take it out, if it comes out clean then the dish is ready but if it doesn’t then cook again.

 Banana Rice Pudding

Banana rice pudding is truly a wholesome dish for not only the baby but the whole family. If you are one of those parents who like their children’s tummy to be full and happy then this is the dish you should try to make. Brown rice is perfect to make this dish; so get some cooked brown rice along with banana puree which is the hero of the dish. Other ingredients important to the dish include yogurt, spices like cinnamon and a small amount of vanilla. In order to make the perfect rice pudding you will need to mix all the ingredients together in the saucepan. After the dish is warmed up, you can put it in a blender if the child is young. But if the kid is of age then serve them as it is and trust us, the baby will go yummy in his own language with a tinge of bliss and a happy smile glistening across his face.

These are some of the dishes that you should really check out if you are trying to find the perfect banana dish for your baby. With banana in his diet, it is certain that he will grow into a strong and healthy kid.


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Shelly says December 2, 2015

I never made baby food for my four kids, it never really occurred to me. This fresh food must be some much better for babies.

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