Britax 2014 B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System Review

Britax 2014 B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System
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Review Summary:

The B Agile Stroller is suitable from birth to 55 pounds. The B Agile Strollers has a one-hand, quick-fold design

When it comes to a great car seat stroller combo, you are spoiled for choices. However, only a handful of them live up to their promises and one of them is the Britax B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System. With an ace combination of features and style, this stroller is the go-to product for parents on the go.

  • Excellent convenience is the name of this stroller’s game. With a one-hand fold feature, you can quickly and easily fold it up for travel or storage and unfold it again. This is especially useful when your arm already has a baby waiting in it.
  • Side Impact Protection feature brings massive safety as it shields the baby inside from vehicle intrusions. The design is intended to distribute the crash force.
  • Anywhere from a newborn to a 55 lb. child can be accommodated in it.
  • A smart 30-pound weight capacity feature adds amazing comfort and safety throughout year 1 of the product’s use.
  • It is fast and accessible – you do not need to re-thread any of the straps.
  • Itcomes equipped with a head pad that has reflective binding.
  • Even more safety comes in the form of a 5-point harness that, along with some other features, is fully adjustable.
  • Available in coal black or Chinese red, this amazing 4.5-star rated product (with stroller, car seat, and car seat base) is sold on Amazon for the drop-rate price.

Benefits of Britax 2014 B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System

One of the most important things a parent wants to see in a stroller product is high practical appeal. While looks matter (read below), safety, speed and general accessibility features give a stroller value for money. The Britax 2014 B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System is touted to be one of the easiest to use, not to mention one of the lightest, travel systems in its product type; best for children in the 4 month-3 year age range (no exceptions).

  • A fully integrated Britax Click and Go system makes connection and disconnection so swift, noiseless, and simple that you can move your newborn angel from the car to the stroller (or vice versa) without any hassle.
  • Not only is the stroller a lightweight marvel (weighing in at only 16.5 pounds), you can fold or unfold it using just one hand, adding incredible convenience to an already amazing travel system.
  • Britax is a brand name associated with high safety standards. This stroller is no exception to their rule. The B SAFE Infant Car Seat has impact protection on both sides. A specially engineered foam liner serves to absorb incoming energy. Industry standard safety is incorporated also in the front and back sections of the stroller.
  • Not only is the bassinet or basket quite comfortable for your baby, the headpad is also readily adjustable. In addition, you do not need to waste time unhooking or rethreading any straps as you work the 5-point harness system; that in its own right brings immense safety appeal.
  • The reclining capacity is infinite. You can choose any angle that best suits your child’s comfort needs; whether your little blessing wants to sleep or sit upright or lean back, you can adjust the seat accordingly and make your baby feel right at home in the stroller basket.
  • Aside from being extensive, the canopy comes designed with an integrated mesh ventilation window that lets you, the parent, see the child inside the bassinet at all times. The child, in turn, can see you and feel safe.
  • The car seat component of this product comes equipped with premium push button Latch Connectors. You can hear a simple but audible click to ensure the lock is in place. There is also a built in lock off feature to unroot the car seat from its position.
  • An ergonomic carry handle is ideal for lifting, shifting hands, and more besides. Even those with sweaty palms can find a comfortable and outstanding grip on these. The handle is of great help when installing or removing the car seat along with your baby who is sitting or sleeping inside.


The Stylish Stroller

Made to look as awesome as the features it packs, this system brings immense visual appeal, which is certain to turn heads in any crowd.

  • Designed after the Phantom style, this travel system has a smooth black finish (or red if that is your chosen color) that looks beautiful and smooth.
  • The molded car seat base, the steely stroller frame, and firm but padded seats add to the distinct look of it.
  • The wheels are durable and look polished to a fault. A light wash will help enhance the overall look.
  • Both the design and colors suit and complement any wardrobe (yours and the child’s) and looks amazing in most environment settings.

The Pros and Cons

If you heard there were changes made to this travel system’s 2014 model, you heard correct. Here are the changes. The canopy is now comprised of two panels instead of three. You can disable the auto lock latch (the one that keeps the stroller folded).

  • The frame at the footrest area is exposed. This means no more worn or torn fabrics, especially when the product is all folded and laid flat on the ground.
  • A neat pouch under the handlebar used to have a darker zipper. Now with a lighter color, you can spot it faster, especially in urgent situations.
  • When taking your baby out on uneven ground, bear in mind that the stroller affords you a good grip and because it is lightweight, lets you maneuver freely and easily. However, the lightweight nature of the stroller can make it a tad bit uncomfortable moving on uneven ground.

The only major downside to this car seat stroller combo is that the car seat bracket is not sturdy and could break after a year. Other than that, the easy pop-out or click-on feature for the car seat, and all the other benefits you read above, make this a stellar and safe choice.

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