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InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller
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Review Summary:

Dual trigger folding mechanism offers uncompromised safety. 12" front & 16" rear pneumatic air tires and molded rims provide performance

As double umbrella stroller products go, this one has a spotlight all to itself. Sadly, some people take one look at the single front wheel and instantly assume the stroller or pram in question is an unstable and unreliable choice for their babies. While a handful of cheap products lack the sturdiness and quality required to instill trust in parents, the InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller has proven beyond a doubt that it is no pushover.

Special Features of InStep Safari Double Umbrella Stroller

InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller

  • With a manual lock feature equipped at the front wheel, you can fix the swivel at any time and not worry about it turning the stroller round; especially since you have two kids in the baskets who could potentially be a handful.
  • Then again, InStep’s Safari Stroller has a slip resistant handle with a rubberized grip for added hold-power. Not only is this quite comfortable, it does not encourage palm sweat. If you do happen to have that condition, the handles are still capable of granting you an outstanding grip.
  • The 12” front wheel tyre and the aptly sized 16” rear pneumatic air tyres both have molded rims and come designed to impart stability.
  • One of the most compact in the family of double strollers, the InStep Safari Double Swivel has a dual trigger feature running the folding mechanism, adding to the speed and safety of use for this product.
  • Every stroller should come designed with both the child and the parent in mind. This product seems to have done that to ideal standards. Strollers are not meant only for transport, kids sometimes need to eat and drink while on the go, to say nothing of the parent at the stroller’s handles.

Flip-open child and parent trays, both molded to a practical and aesthetic finish, come to the rescue. With neat dual cup holders, the child tray serves both children seated in each bassinet and is spill-proof. The parent tray, on the other hand, comes equipped with dual fin grip cup holders.

  • The InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller ships worldwide and is currently up on Amazon at the discounted price. Colors include sky blue and lavender.
  • With 4 attractive stars to its rating, you can readily understand, what with the features shared above, how this stroller made it close to the top.

The Practical Features

All strollers have to possess adequate, if not more, practical features in keeping with the hectic schedules modern parents have. Strollers should therefore be more of a convenience than not. They should be easy to understand and wield, making parents’ lives simpler. They do after all have it hard trying to balance work, relaxation and raising newborns.

  • Touted to be the ideal stroller product for an active parent, the front wheel’s locking feature makes it quite possible for you to turn tight corners or maneuver thick crowds with no hassle or inconvenience to yourself or others.
  • Your kids are meanwhile safely harnessed and protected from the throng, thanks to good dual all-encompassing bassinets and a canopy top for each.
  • The material is certainly breathable and permits free flow of air so your kids do not have to worry about strong gusts collecting inside their basket space or for that matter be concerned about lack of oxygen if they happen to be immersed in a crowd.

Makes a Style Statement

It is never just about the practicality. Modern prams and strollers have a standard, even a reputation, to live up to. They must look as good as they work. People are going to dress up their little angels and take them out in these strollers, meaning the stroller itself has to look good in order to shed light on the children inside.

  • From the molded tyre rims and their textured grip-the-ground design to the beautiful basket and canopy material, the InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller stands up to a style standard.
  • The molded child and parent trays complement the entire design well and do not stand out as if they were odd in shape or color.
  • The ideal balance of color combos and merge mixtures make this stroller as gorgeous as it is practical.

Positives and Downsides

Weighing in at 42 pounds, this dual stroller is not all that heavy. In fact, the weight is more a means to security and stroller positioning on the ground so it does not keel over. The seats do not recline as flexibly as they could. This means some kids will not find the sleeping recliner position of their baskets all that comfortable for some shut eye.

  • The front cup holder tray can be snapped off and reattached. This adds to the stroller’s convenience, especially if you need to clean the tray; spills are preventable thanks to its design but they can happen nevertheless.
  • As for child weight limits, you can have a child of 50 lbs in one basket. Seeing as how this is a dual stroller, that means a maximum total of 100 lbs for the InStep Safari.
  • On a similar note to that earlier point, a child should be at least 6 months old for this stroller. An average of 45 inches in height, give or take, will make for a good fit.
  • Of course, kids who are around 3-5 years can also fit right in. The weight and height requirements are still met and the stroller comes designed to handle kids that age as well.


The InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller is ideal for jogging, making it something of a jogger stroller. However, this is the one great downside for this product. The wheels cannot handle the strain of jogging speeds, making the InStep Safari literally a stroller. The wheels go bust if you attempt a fast movement speed and could potentially keel the pram over. Keep things simple, keep things safe, and do not jog with this stroller even if it says you can.

It can be a bit heavy for car accommodation but other than the few downsides, you read here in this review, the InStep Safari double umbrella stroller is a wonderful cost effective product.

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