Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger Review

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger
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Review Summary:

Aluminum frame for easy handling. Dual trigger folding mechanism offers uncompromised safety. Molded, flip open child tray with dual cup holders & molded parent tray with dual fin grip cup holders

Schwinn-Turismo-Swivel-Double-JoggerWho would not love to own and ride a sturdy, easy to handle, as well as a very durable stroller for your little ones? If you are still searching for a good stroller for your kids that can carry your kids when you are jogging or running, then this is the breakpoint you should be aware of. Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger is best stroller for rough roads like trails, muddy path and most of it all, running!

We have done a good amount of research and chosen this Schwinn stroller for your twins so that they can have a safe ride while you are running for your health. We have tried to be as much detailed as possible when we are disclosing information through the product features, pros and cons, the product specifications, benefits of this product and the customer reviews. Besides that, our honest reviews are unbiased and can help you make well-informed decisions when you buy this product.

Most Critical Feature of the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger

When you are choosing a double jogger stroller for your kid, you can never compromise with the quality for people who you love. You would be willing to spend a little extra for better stroller features.

Best and the most innovative feature of this stroller is the entertainment system which comes with a speaker and supports multiple mp3 players.

Some of the other important and great features of Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger are as below:

  • Wheels The stroller wheels are swiveling and have flexible suspensions. Because of this, the wheels can be easily locked manually. These wheels also facilitate smoother ride for your kids.
  • Weight – Who doesn’t love a lighter stroller? These Swivel double jogger strollers are made of lightweight aluminum frames which can be easily lifted and carried when you travel.
  • Trays – When it comes to jogging and carrying water or tea in the stroller tray, customers would love this feature. This tray is a 2 level, one for the parent and the other for the two kids. These trays come with cup holder for each user.
  • Folding mechanism – The dual trigger is a patented technology used in this double jogger stroller which offers an excellent mechanism to open and close the stroller swiftly. You may believe it or not, you can do it just in one hand while you carry one of your kids in the other hand.
  • Accessories – The stroller is fitted with entertainment such as mp3 player support and music accessories like speakers.
  • Safety – Wheels support swivelling and easy maneuverability.

Best Benefit/Most interesting feature

Read through our detailed analysis of how beneficial Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger stroller can be to the young parents.

  • This double jogger stroller has a patented technology of dual folding mechanism. It is best and comes handy when both of your hands are not free – you can quickly fold the stroller with just one hand while you are carrying your kid or a luggage in another.
  • The wheels are designed for safety and make quick turns through the swiveling mechanism. These strollers have brake wheels for stopping or slowing down during slopey rides.
  • When you need entertainment for the stroller, you can just turn on the mp3 player and place it in the docket as the stroller is fixed with speakers to amplify the music.

Pros and Cons

Before you plan on buying this product, you should know what are the pros and cons of it. Unless you know all the details of this stroller, it could be difficult to decide whether to buy this or not.


  • Safety - The swiveling wheels make your kids feel safe as they can be swiftly moved and easily controlled. Besides this, they come with wheel brakes
  • Accessories - Tray and mug holder are the sweetest features anyone would love while going on jogging
  • Entertainment - The entertainment kit comes with a mp3 player and speakers
  • Easy to handle -This compact double jogger strollers are lightweight as they are made of aluminum material and hence very easy to handle


After going through a number of reviews on Amazon, we have concluded that the 28% of 4 star, and remaining 18-20% of reviews below 3,2 and 1 stars are mainly because of the issues with the product. Although they are advertised as jogger strollers, they lack the ability of efficiently using the stroller wheels. The stroller wheels are a little less sturdy enough to possess maneuvering. When your doorways are too narrow, then you have a problem in fitting these strollers into the doorways. Also, the stroller is not very good for the infants, you can use them for your toddler kids though. When you are in a hurry and trying to fold and unfold your stroller quickly, you may take slightly more time to do so unless you are very well practiced at this. Above all, when it comes to counting how many days it lasts, then unless you regularly maintain and use appropriately, no one can tell you how long its life span is.


Tips you need to pay attention

  • You must know that it is relatively lightweight because of the aluminum metal frames
  • Make sure the tier brakes are off when you begin to jog with this stroller
  • You can use it and move to different places without any hassles
  • Keep your mugs in the trays and holders while jogging
  • Quickly use the two fold mechanism to wrap up the stroller
  • Compactly store it in a smaller place


Our detailed analysis can help you make the right decision in buying Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger either through Amazon. Our reviews are informative and can help you improve your knowledge on these double jogger strollers for your kids. Make sure to read our detailed review several times to thoroughly understand about the product. If you have any questions we are happy to answer them quickly for you. We help all our customers to make well informed decisions by providing the production information such as top quality and useful features, benefits, pros and cons, etc.

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