The Ultimate Baby Sleeping Guide

Every doting mother wants to see their little ones grow up into vibrant and fun children. This is something that can only be achieved if they are getting ample sleep. It is true that we should take care of the nutrition of young babies, but nothing can be more important than the good night’s sleep. It helps them develop and gives them the overall rest which is crucial for the babies to grow up into strong and intelligent little individuals, traits that every parent wants in their kids.

This is why you will see that the doctors these days give more stress on sleeping patterns and habits of babies which is something we should ponder on. Hence we will try to provide you with a baby sleeping guide which will assist you, especially the new mommies trying to take care of their little angels better.

The Sleep Chart

The first year is the most important in the life of a baby and the thing that you have to give extra attention to is sleep duration of the kids. You must understand that the amount of sleep needed in humans depends on their age and the younger they are, the more sleep they need. Here are the probable sleep durations that are required by babies at different stages of the first year:

The first two months

This is the age babies need the most amount of sleep. A minimum of 16 hours of sleep is what is required here with the upper limit reaching 18 hours. The best way to divide the sleep times here is by making sure they get 9 hours of sleep at night and another 7 to 9 hours of sleep divided into small naps during the day.

The next 2 months

As they grow up, you have to make sure they get to spend some time with others. Here they need a good 9 to 10 hours of sleeping time at night and another 4 hours of sleep during the day which should be divided into 3 or 4 one hour naps.

4 to 9 months

This is the period when they need to sleep for at least 14 hours in total with the lion share of the sleep time being at night constituting to 10 hours of the overall sleep. The rest of the 4 hours should be divided into 2 naps of equal times during the day.

The last 3 months

The last phase of the first year is where the overall sleep time remains same as the above but with a twist. Here almost 12 hours of sleep should be at night, which will help the little babies replenish their energy better.

How to Deal When They Sleep

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  • You must understand that these are small little babies that we are talking about and have no idea as to how they need to soothe. At the earlier stages, say in the first couple of months, you will see that they move around a lot while sleeping. This happens because after being in the womb for such a long time, they get used to it so they need to acclimatise themselves with this new environment which leads them to wake up. The best thing you can do here is cuddle them or rock them so that they go back to sleep. Moreover, pacifiers also work wonders for newborns as does the breastfeeding.
  • As they reach around 6 months, you will see that slowly they are setting into a sleep routine. Here you have to see that they get ample play time during the day and at the same time get the sunlight that will keep them healthy. Moreover, in order to get the babies into a sleep pattern you can start your own pre-sleep rituals such as story telling or feeding which are known to assist babies sleep longer at night.
  • The phase of 6 to 12 months can be a little hectic for you as we have seen that a large number of kids don’t sleep through the whole night. The primary reason for this behaviour is the fear of separation from their mother. At this age they have the uncanny ability to feel your presence and they have the tendency to wake up in the middle of the night crying. Please make sure that here you keep the night time visits short. You must not wake them up or stay there long as they need to learn to sleep by themselves. This is essential for their growth and something that you have work on.
  • As they slowly grow up and are in the 1-2 years phase, they tend to be very active which is a good thing but can hamper with their sleep routines. So here soothing them with activities like bathing and storytelling at night does wonders. Also, you have to be careful and keep an eye on the fact that they don’t climb out of their cribs unannounced.

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