When Can Baby Sit In Stroller Without A Car Seat

Understand when you should transfer your child from riding in an infant car seat in your travel system to riding the stroller seat can be confusing. The rules that apply for transferring your baby from an infant car seat to a forward-facing car seat are not the same as the rules for placing your child in a stroller seat.

In most cases, a baby can ride in a regular, upright stroller seat once they are able to hold their head up on their own. While the law may still require them to ride in their infant car seat while you are on the road, a stroller seat is completely different.

Baby strollers come with all types of safety gear, seat features and additional padding to ensure that your child stays safe while on the go. There are travel systems available that transfer into a bassinet, so you can even place a newborn inside safely, allowing you to use the stroller from Birth on through the toddler years.

How to Determine When Can Baby Sit in a Stroller Without a Car Seat

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If you are shopping around for a new stroller and wonder when can baby sit in a stroller without a car seat, it really all depends on the type of stroller or travel system you choose to buy.

If you purchase a travel system that includes a bassinet attachment, you can start using the stroller right away. However, if the stroller doesn’t include this feature, it is usually recommended that you wait until your child can support their neck and head on their own. Or make good use of the recline feature and head support padding that is available on most of today’s quality strollers to ensure they have a safe and comfortable ride.

What to Consider when Buying a Stroller

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There are a few things to look for when you are buying a new baby stroller. Whether you are a brand-new parent or are buying a replacement stroller, you should always consider the following.

Think About Your Location

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If you live in an urban area you will need a stroller that works well for running daily errands and traveling on the sidewalk. You may also want to consider a stroller that is easy to collapse or one that is compact so that you can take it along on a subway. If you live in a rural area you may want a stroller that goes well on uneven or rugged terrains, one that is strong and durable, and one that will easily fit in the trunk of your car.

Are You Planning to Expand Your Family?


If your family is growing, you will want to invest in a baby stroller that can be used for years to come. You may want to get a double stroller if you have a toddler and a newborn, so that you can let both children ride at the same time. Choosing a stroller that will work with every stage of your child’s life up through age 3 or 4 is another good option.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Consider Your Lifestyle

If you don’t plan to use a stroller often, then you may not want to invest in an expensive travel system. But if you are the type of parent who is always on the go or you spend a lot of time outdoors, you will want to find a quality stroller that will meet your needs. If you plan to get back in your pre-pregnancy shape, you may even want to consider a jogging stroller. Kamagra online https://www.rpspharmacy.com/product/kamagra/

Think About Accessories

What features, and accessories are most important to you and which can you live without? If you never have enough storage space, you may want to invest in a stroller that has a large storage basket. If you live in an area known for heavy rain or wind, a rain cover may be a great accessory to have. Check out the many different reviews for top-rated strollers so that you don’t end up paying out too much for a stroller with accessories you will never use.

The Safest Type of Stroller for Newborns

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There are hundreds of strollers available at retail stores and online. If you have concerns regarding when baby can sit in a stroller without car seat, you will want to look for a stroller that is safe for newborns to use.

When buying a stroller to use with your newborn, be sure that you find one that reclines. Since newborns are unable to support their head on their own, a stroller that can fully recline allows them to lie flat and nap in comfort. There are some strollers that will include a bassinet that can be switched out with the standard stroller seat. Remember that most umbrella strollers and jogging strollers will not have the recline feature. These strollers are recommended for children 6 months and older. Buy Dapoxetine online http://advicarehealth.com/dapoxetine.html

Stroller companies have taken steps in the right direction over the past few years to ensure that their products are safe to use. However, many strollers are not designed to be used with newborns unless they are a travel system that works along with an infant car seat. Be sure to look for a stroller that is recommended for use with newborns and infants if you plan to use one at this age.

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