12 Safety Tips for Baby Strollers

There is a lot that is involved with baby strollers, a lot to consider and a lot to deal with. There are pros and cons to all of the baby strollers out there and there are different strollers for different needs. Finding the right one for you to use can take some time and it can seem hard but when it comes down the nitty gritty all mothers and fathers want the same for their baby, complete safety and comfort. Below are the top safety tips for baby strollers that should be followed at all times. As a new parent some of these tips may seem shocking to you but make sense and as an old time parent just refresh yourself because it is always better to be safe than sorry.
Tips for Buying a Stroller

Safety Tip One

Be sure to always have your child perfectly secured in the stroller by using the harness system. The harness system is also known as the seatbelt and the best one out there is the five point harness system where it goes around the waist of the child, in-between their legs as well as over their shoulders.

Safety Tip Two

DO NOT ever leave your stroller unattended, especially if your child is inside of the stroller. A lot can happen and you don’t want to even think about it let alone risk it.

Safety Tip Three

Before you begin officially using your baby stroller it is best recommended to read the entire user guide that comes with it and then set it up and practice with it a few times before using it with your child inside. You need to know how it works.

Safety Tip Four

When buying a baby stroller you should buy one in which your child can fit in properly. To figure this out look at the manufacturer’s requirements for height and weight, your child should fit into these requirements and then the stroller is OK to use.

Safety Tip Five

Every time before you go to use the stroller you need to make sure that the stroller is completely open and that everything is perfectly locked into place.

Safety Tip Six

Whatever stroller you go with you need to be sure to register it with that manufacturer so if there is a safety notice that comes out on it or if there is a recall on it you will be notified right away.

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Safety Tip Seven

If you are using a stroller that has attachments then you need to make sure that they are all locked into place before moving on. Attachments include but are not limited to a seat that is detachable, an infant car seat, and a bassinet.

Safety Tip Eight

You should check the brakes periodically on the stroller to ensure that they are working as they are supposed to be. And when the stroller is not moving it is best to use the brakes.

Safety Tip Nine

DO NOT ever use a stroller on an escalator or on the stairs, EVER.

Safety Tip Ten

When you are folding up the stroller or unfolding the stroller, you should keep your child away from it.

Safety Tip Eleven

Unless the manufacturer of the stroller you have says otherwise you should not ever place anything on the handles of the stroller; you can cause it to become unbalanced and may even get knocked over.

Safety Tip Twelve

The stroller is not a toy, with that being said you should not ever allow your child to play with it or to climb on it. It is dangerous and not only can children potentially hurt themselves they can end up damaging the stroller as well.

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