Baby Trend Jogging Stroller: The Buying Guide

Baby Trend is one of the most renowned baby stroller manufacturers in today’s market. They specialize in carseat production and jogging strollers. Parents absolutely love them! Jogging strollers have recently gained more popularity in recent years, because of their mobility and versatility. Capitalizing on this trend, Baby Trend products stay ahead of the pack as one of the most popular brands for new parents. They have an affordable price point and a great modern design. Baby Trend jogging stroller products stay ahead of the pack with their interesting price point, great designs that keep up with the current trends, compatibility with a wide array of accessories, and of course, rave overall reviews. You’ve likely heard of Baby Trend’s competitor, Instep. Both brands of strollers have a lot to offer and we’re excited to spotlight on the Baby Trend jogging stroller models!

Today, we will discuss the various Baby Trend jogging stroller products, how they might suit your particular needs, how they compare with each other, and in the end, we will try to help you make a better purchase decision. Is it time to upgrade your old Walmart stroller? It just might be!

Baby Trend Jogging Stroller Expedition

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We will start with, arguably, the most famous Baby Trend single stroller product: Baby Trend Expedition. The main highlight of the Expedition is obviously its affordability, as it’s priced significantly cheaper than its competitors. Don’t worry though, the price tag does not actually limit its features, as the Expedition X3 has great overall functionality. This Baby Trend jogging stroller has fixed wheels and non-adjustable tracking. However, it can run fairly straight and consistent even when compared to products twice its price. You won’t miss the 360 swivel wheels that more expensive models have. During higher speeds, it might pull a little to the side, but it is easy to back tip on the fixed wheel to get it back on course.

It is also very easy to fold and unfold with a simple two-handed mechanism and easy to follow instructions. You can also manual fold-lock and remove the front wheel for a more compact size. However, the Baby Trend Expedition is already relatively more compact even with the wheel intact. You’ll have no trouble making this stroller fit in the back of your vehicle.

This model is also available as a travel system. You can purchase a car seat to go in the jogger stroller for extra ease and convenience. This is a great option if you are expecting an infant! You’ll find this stroller available in a wide range of color choices, including the infamous bubblegum pink and purple.

Baby Trend Expedition ELX Jogger


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The Expedition ELX, or often dubbed the ELX is the direct upgrade from the regular Expedition model. The noteworthy difference is the inclusion of the adjustable height handle used on the ELX. This feature allows adjustment all the way up to 46-inches, which can be useful for taller parents. Another interesting addition is the speakers for your MP3 player, compatible with most MP3 players including iPods and iPhones. This is previously a feature of the now-discontinued Expedition EX model which some might recall.

The ELX model retains many great features of the regular Expedition, including maintaining the same weight of 24 lbs, the removable and manually lockable front tire, large adjustable rain cover canopy, and more. It is also easy to collapse the ELX into folding position, and you can quickly open it again during emergencies. It is still quite wobbly on higher velocity, though, which also isn’t the best quality of the regular Expedition model. There is also a travel system package with included infant car seat. For explorer parents and babies, however, the ELX is one of the best choices out there especially since it retains the great price of the Expedition model with only a slight price difference. The ELX model, admittedly, is slightly harder to find. You might want to search your local Toys R Us, or try buying it online.

Baby Trend Expedition SX


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Another variant of the Expedition series, the notable difference of the SX is the inclusion of large bicycle tires. As the result, it is slightly heavier at 29lbs compared to 24lbs of the Expedition and ELX models. However, the bigger tires result in greater mobility and stability. The bigger tires will not wobble on higher speed, and for serious joggers, the SX version is definitely a better choice. One thing about the bicycle tire is that it often breaks. However, inner tube replacement parts are easily available.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

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For parents with twins, the double stroller is an absolute must. The Navigator double jogger stroller is a nice option from Baby Trend for an affordable double stroller with rich features and decent overall quality. It’ll stay inline while you run, and get you to the summit of wherever you’re running to. The navigator is unique as a double jogger stroller because it has four wheels instead of three. The front wheels are placed relatively close to each other, so it doesn’t sacrifice size.

5. The ‘Skylar’

‘Skylar’ is a limited collection edition of Baby Trend strollers, which is differentiated by its unique sky-blue color, along with some extra features. For example, the Skylar edition of the Expedition LX feature the bigger bicycle tires found in the regular SX version. Below are some of the available Skylar models. Stay tuned, in the near future we will do an individual review for the Skylar Baby Trend jogging stroller versions.

Expedition LX Skylar


Image Credit: Baby Trend

The Skylar version of the Expedition LX featured the bicycle-style tires found on the SX models, along with the wider rubber handle and extra large storage. This is an awesome Baby Trend jogging stroller model.

Expedition Double Jogger Skylar


Image Credit: Baby Trend

A double jogger with bigger bicycle tires, ratcheting shade canopy and multi-position seat recline. If you’re looking for a twin stroller, this is an awesome choice!

If you’re looking for a triple jogger, for your babies and their doll or maybe your three babies, they have those too! Consider the safetech or the safari which comes in various sizes. Obviously, buying a stroller for your sweet baby is a big decision. You want something to first and foremost keep them safe and comfortable. At the same time, you also need something that will be easy for you to use on a regular basis. All of these Baby Trend jogging stroller models would be a wonderful choice for you and your baby!

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