The Complete BOB Stroller Review and Comparison Guide

BOB Stroller review for active families like the mom and daughter in this photo.

You want to hit the trails and stay fit, but you also want to spend quality time with your baby. Why not both? Here’s where our BOB stroller review comes in. When it comes to baby buggies, you’ve got lots to choose from. Urban moms and dads on the go love those breezy lightweight strollers that fold like umbrellas. Others prefer those big, comfy, solid ones with a canopy, storage, and a cup holder. And of course, if you’ve got twins or two close in age, you’ll need a double-seater.

But when you’re looking for something tough, lightweight, comfortable and streamlined, BOB’s the ticket. Whether you’re jogging on rocky terrain or turning sharp corners in the grocery store, these strollers go where you do. So go ahead. Plan your sold separately.

BOB: How it Began

It all started with bike maven Roger Malinowski and airline Mechanic Philip Novotny from San Luis Obispo, Calif. First, they built a handy bike trailer called the YAK back in 1994. As they started their families, they wanted a jogging stroller as useful and well-designed as the YAK. After their kids put it through the paces, they launched their Sport Utility Stroller. It was so successful, they followed up in 2001 with the Duallie double stroller.

Then, in 2005, BOB rocked active parents’ world when they rolled out their swiveling front wheel. This made the stroller a lot more practical and easy to steer. In 2011, Britax — makers of car seats, strollers, and accessories — bought BOB Gear. This trusted, international brand maintained the quality of these strollers while greatly expanding their market.

As for the name BOB, it stands for “Beast of Burden.” Because, when push comes to shove, that’s what these hardy transports really are.

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BOB Stroller Comparison Guide

When it comes to a BOB stroller, you can rely on them for being versatile and multi-functional. Still, some are better for some lifestyles and purposes than others. That’s why we’ve put together this quick BOB Stroller review comparison: To help you find the right one for you. Now that we’ve covered the main features you can expect to find in a Bob stroller, let’s compare the different models and see what you get with each one:

  • Revolution: in the first category of Bob strollers, you will find the Revolution series. They’re designed for action as well as everyday use. The front wheels swivel to handle tight corners and small spaces. But you can also lock the front wheel for better stability along rough terrain. The air-filled tires are made out of polymer which guarantees a smooth ride whatever the circumstance. This is the ultimate in a jogging stroller with the ease and comfort of a regular model. The Flex, Pro, SE, Stroller Strides Fitness. and Rambler models are all part of the Revolution series.
  • Ironman: The Ironman model is known for its versatility that caters to high levels of fitness. It sports 16-inch air-filled tires on aluminum alloy wheels. This stroller is built for speed and the most hardened ground. The front caliper brake is hand activated which allows full control when navigating downhill.
  • Sports Utility: the third category of Bob strollers are the Sports Utility range. While their tires are just as large as the Ironman, they are thicker which allows for more control at a slower pace. This Bob stroller comes with an adjustable suspension system and a parking brake you can quickly activate with your foot.

BOB Stroller Review: A Quick Comparison Table


Best For


Our Rating


Product Photo: BOB 2016 Revolution Flex.

BOB 2016 Revolution Flex

All-purpose, from trail to grocery store.

27 lbs

24″ x 45″ x 44″

Adjustable handlebar, swivel front wheel, Duallie (Double Stroller) option available.

Product photo: Bob Flex Lunar.

2016 Flex Lunar

All-purpose and in low-light conditions.

27 lbs

24″ x 45″ x 44″

Adjustable handlebar, swivel front wheel, Special reflective pattern.

Product photo: BOB 2016 Revolution Pro.

2016 Revolution Pro

All-purpose and for hilly terrain.

30.5 lbs

25.4″ x 44″ x 43″

Adjustable handlebar, swivel front wheel, hand brake, Duallie option available.

Product photo: BOB Revolution SE.

Revolution SE

All-purpose, lighter-weight option.

25 lbs

24.5″ x 45″ x 39.5″

Swivel front wheel, Duallie option available.

Product photo: BOB Stroller Strides Fitness.

Stroller Strides Fitness

For new moms eager to get or stay in shape.

28.5 lbs

25.4″ x 44″ x 43″

Swivel front wheel, adjustable handlebar, console, fitness kit, Duallie option available.

Product photo: BOB Rambler.

BOB Rambler

All-purpose, budget-friendly option for smaller cars.

25.2 lbs

24.5″ x45″ x39.5″

Swivel front wheels, 12″ wheels for more compact folding.

Product photo: BOB 2016 Ironman jogging stroller.

BOB Ironman

For serious runners and fitness fanatics.

27 lbs

24″ x 35 ” x 44″

Bicycle-like tires and fixed front wheel, Streamlined design, Adjustable handlebar, Duallie option available.

Product photo: BOB 2016 Sports Utility jogging stroller.

Sport Utility

For heavy-duty, off-road use on rugged terrain.

28.6 lbs

26″ x 50″ x 44″

Fixed front wheel, advanced suspension system, adjustable handlebar, Duallie option available.

BOB Stroller Review:  Main Features for 2016 Models

Now, let’s begin this BOB stroller review by taking a look at what to expect. Although these strollers certainly don’t come cheap, many parents with an active lifestyle swear by them. The latest single-seat models from 2016 carry your kids comfortably from 8 months until they’re 44 inches tall or weigh 75 pounds. For most kids, this should take them into the preschool years. With a compatible infant car seat and the adapter (sold separately), you can walk with your baby from infancy. It should be noted that for safety reasons, you should walk, not jog, with the infant car seat. In addition, the weight limit for the double strollers (Duallies) is 50 pounds.

These BOB strollers range in price from roughly $359-$599 but can often be found on sale. Because they’re so durable, you can also often find them used.

Standard Features

BOBs are popular, in part, because they combine functions from different types of strollers. With a simple adapter, they work as a complete infant travel system. Not only are they great jogging strollers, but they’re lightweight and compact enough for everyday use. (Although Maclarens’ umbrella strollers are lighter and more compact, they’re not jogging strollers.) For active parents, BOB’s Duallies have everything other brands of double strollers have, plus you can go anywhere with them.

All the models (except for three) have two 16″ wheels in the back and a 12″ wheel in the front that swivels. Three-wheel designs with pneumatic (air-filled) tires are best for speed and stability on varying types of terrain.

Yet BOBs are specifically designed for outdoor adventures with runners and hikers in mind. With the comfy seat, ample storage, and large canopy, you and your baby can stay out all day and not want for anything. Meanwhile, the pneumatic tires, adjustable suspension, and smooth steering make them a joy to maneuver. When you’re ready to pack up, it quickly and easily folds up and fits into all but the smallest of trunks. And of course, this brand of strollers has all the safety features a parent could want.

So let’s take a look.

The following features are standard for all of the BOB stroller models.

  • Easy Two-Step Fold: Despite all the amazing features,  BOB strollers are easy to fold and surprisingly compact.
  • Five-Point Padded Harness: A five-point harness is the safest type of harness available, plus it’s padded to keep your child secure and comfy.
  • Adjustable reclining seat: To ensure your child’s comfort, you can adjust the angle of the seat.
  • Large Canopy: In order to protect your baby from the sun and weather, the canopy is large and adjustable.
  • Travel-Ready: With the adapter (sold separately) you can snap in your infant car seat for a complete travel system. It should be noted that for safety reasons, you should walk instead of jogging with the car seat.
  • Adjustable Suspension: You can adjust the suspension for a smooth ride on all terrain.
  • Pneumatic Tires: all Bob strollers feature pneumatic tires. This is just a fancy way of saying that they’re air-filled. This is essential for strollers that are made to navigate all different types of surfaces.
  • Steering: Despite being somewhat heavy, the BOB strollers are surprisingly easy to steer. It is smooth and sturdy which is ideal for when you come across bumpier ground that could otherwise knock your child around a bit.
  • Light Weight: These marvels weigh only 25-30 pounds (40-ish for the double strollers)
  • Ample Storage: BOB strollers have ample storage with pockets and a basket underneath.
  • Parking Brake: When you come to a stop, you can secure the back wheels with the foot-activated parking brake.
  • 5-Year Warranty: This company stands by its products with a generous five-year warranty.

WATCH: A Quick Look at the BOB Stroller Family

Features for Select Models

In this BOB stroller review, we also note that some models have special features.

The following features are provided for specific models.

  • Swiveling Front Wheel: All but two models feature a swiveling front wheel for hairpin turns and tight spaces.
  • Fixed Front Wheel: The Iron Man and Sports Utility models have fixed front wheels for greater stability.
  • Duallie Option: Most BOB strollers have a Duallie version for those with two little ones. However, they have lower weight limits of 50 pounds per child.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: For parents who are taller or shorter than average, this feature can make you more comfortable.
  • Handbrake: The handbrake’s great for having more control when going downhill.
  • Reflective Fabric: The Revolution Flex Lunar has special reflective fabric to keep early birds and night owls safe when out and about.
  • Console: The Stroller Strides Fitness stroller comes with a handy console that fits across the handlebars. It holds two water bottles, plus it has a compartment for small items like keys and your cell phone. With other strollers, the console’s sold separately.

Additional Options (Sold Separately)

The following options are sold separately and can enhance your BOB experience.

  • Car seat adapter: With this you can attach your infant car seat for a complete travel system. Infant car seats are needed for safety until your baby’s around eight months old. You should walk, not jog, until your child can ride without the car seat. Depending on the type of car seat, these range from $50-$80.
  • Handlebar Console: Fastens conveniently across your handlebars with space for two water bottles. Also has a compartment for items like your keys and cell phone. This feature is priced at around $24.99, though prices vary.
  • Handlebar Console with Tire PumpThis comes in handy for when you need to reinflate your tires. Although BOB jogging strollers are highly durable, pneumatic tires do need more air from time to time. These are listed for $32.49, though costs vary.
  • Handlebar Console for Duallies: These list for around $29.99, though prices vary.
  • Snack TrayIf your child likes to nibble or have a toy handy while you’re on the move, the snack trays sell for roughly $29.99.

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Featured image: Promotional photo via BOB Gear.

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