Delicious Avocado Recipes for Babies

It must be said that if you are looking to introduce a natural ingredient into your baby’s food diet then there is nothing better than avocado. They have nutrients and fats that are instrumental in the proper development of the baby’s mental and physical conditions. 4 months is the benchmark after which you can easily feed avocado to them. So let us show you some of the best baby food recipes with avocado that can be perfect for your kid.

Baby Food Recipes with Avocado

Baby’s Yummy Avocado Fruit Salad


Let us tell you that fruit salad is one dish that does not have any pre-defined boundaries; you can have a multiple ways of making it, but this avocado fruit salad is something that you should definitely try. The things that you will need to make this dish includes avocado, some pears that are preferably steamed, a whole lot of bananas since they are a useful ingredient for the growth of children and of course a couple of hearty scoops of yogurt to add that extra yummy factor. Firstly, clean up the avocado and pears and rid them of their seeds to make it easier for children’s consumption. Slice them into smaller pieces. As soon as you are done with it, you can add them in a blender along with the bananas to get the smooth thick puree that you want. To finish it off, add the coops of yogurt to make the dish irresistible.

Creamy Cado-Banana Food

This is by far the easiest avocado dish in the recipe book. If you are bored by simply giving your baby a plate of mashed avocado, then this is definitely one dish you should check out. All you would need to have in your possession to make this dish are the lush green avocados and the vibrant and ripe bananas. It must be said that you have to be a little careful while making the dish, especially in terms of the texture of the dish. For starters, you will need to clean the avocado after which you have to mash it with the help of a fork. When you are done with the avocado, you will need to do the same with the banana by peeling it off and mashing it the same way. After they are mashed, simply put them in a food blender and keep a close eye on the proceeding so that you can get the perfect texture.

Creamy Avocado Mango Mousse

Firstly, let us tell you that if your kid has attained the age of 8 months at least then only think of adding his dish to his diet. This is indeed one yummy dish for the baby. The combination of mango and avocado has always been great and you should know it; so why keep the baby away from such awesomeness. Things that are needed to make this dish includes the all important avocado which is complimented by the beautiful king of fruits, the mango. For smoothening the mixture you have a lot of options to choose from such as vanilla yogurt, apple juice, pear juice and water. As you complete the ingredient list let us begin with the process. It is really simple, as firstly you need to mash the mango cubes along with the avocado and get the proper balance of sweetness and sourness.  Now to create the mousse like consistency you will have to add the liquid of your choice. Our recommendation would be to go with the yogurt. One big advantage of this dish is that you can also use it as a spread as well as a dip for baby finger food to make it really yummy.

 Peachy Avocado

A combination that is both unique and extremely yummy is what you will get if you decide to go with this dish. It has the tanginess of the avocado which is perfectly complimented by the sweetness of the peach. Another advantage of the dish is that you do not need to cook the dish which makes it all the more interesting. In order to make the dish you will only need avocado and the peach and nothing else. To get things started first cut the two ingredients into chunks. Now put the peach in a pot and let it steam for a while to make it softer. After you are done with this step, add the avocados and the steamed peaches in a food processor. You need to keep a keen eye on it to check whether they are properly mashed up. Alternately you can also use a fork to mash the two if that sounds better to you. Now sit back and enjoy watching your kid use those adorable tiny little fingers trying to eat this yummy delight while she makes a cute mess on her dress.

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