Double Baby Strollers Buying Guide

For parents with twins, or two toddlers with a relatively close age difference, double baby strollers will be an important part of their parenthood. Nowadays, double baby strollers are extremely popular, and also come with a wide range of varieties like their single stroller counterparts. There are now double baby strollers designed for running & jogging activities, there are the lighter umbrella models, and there are also some models that can use infant car seat adapter, a rarity in the past.

Yet, with all the available options, choosing the right double baby stroller that will fit both the needs of the parents and babies can be confusing, with all the differences in types, performance, available accessories, and many more. In this guide, we will have an in-depth discussion of the double baby strollers, along with our top picks and reviews.

Without further ado, let us first begin with the criteria in choosing the best double baby strollers.

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How to choose your double baby strollers

These are the factors we have used in choosing the best products for our recommendation:

Size and width

There is one clear difference from double baby strollers compared to single strollers: width. The naturally wider double baby strollers might have issues in fitting narrow doorways, and will also have issues with mobility in the dense area. Therefore, you should be more selective about the width, and you should consider the areas you will often visit.

Wheel quality

Due to the fact that double baby strollers are wider, bigger, and heavier, wheel quality is even more important compared to their single counterparts. The general rule of thumb is the bigger the wheel, the more mobile the stroller will be.

Some double baby strollers use large, bicycle tires which will dramatically increase mobility. Also, consider the placement (and number) of the front wheel. If there is only one tire in front (as with most jogging strollers, make sure that it is large enough. If there are two wheels in front, make sure they are not too spaced from each other, which will make it difficult to turn. If you are looking for a jogging stroller, consider whether the front wheel is fixed or comes with locking capabilities. You should look for swivel locking mechanism to eliminate wobbling during jogging and make it safer during sharp turns.

Durability and longevity

Double baby strollers are not cheap investments, especially considering they can be significantly more expensive than single strollers. Both durability and longevity are important. For durability, obviously, it is about construction, especially the frame and material selection, as well as warranty policies. For longevity, consider the size of the seats, will they still be viable after your children reach toddler age? Are they compatible with infant car seats? Also, consider whether the replacement parts will be easily procured. For jogger models, you might want to look for carbon materials.

Comfort and ease of use

Comfort is important not only for the babies to sit well but also for the parents, which is often tied to the ease of use. Are the instructions manual easy enough to follow? How easy is it to fold and unfold the stroller? If there is any attachment, how easy is it to install? You should always select double baby strollers that are easy enough to use, and comfortable enough to push around.


Of course, an important factor for many people. The key is to find the right balance between the price tag and the overall quality.


Last but not least, the safety of the baby is the utmost importance. How easy is it to snap on the safety harness? Can you easily put it off during emergencies? Are there other safety measures?

Other features you should look for

Rain cover

Most decent double baby strollers come with rain cover, a big plus if you do a lot of outdoor activities, and is a must for jogger double baby strollers.


Will be useful to keep your diaper bag, dolls, and many other things. Your storage space should be sufficient, but shouldn’t make the stroller bulkier than necessary

Color selection

This is, of course, a matter of preference. Most brands offer a wide range of color selections from classic gray and black to vivid color namings such as ‘millennium’, ‘doll’, ‘elixer’, and many more. Nevertheless, there will be no shortage of options here.

Side-by-side VS tandem strollers

There are two different types of double baby strollers: side-by-side, and tandem or inline.What are their differences, and which one is right for you and your twin babies? Here are a few considerations:

  • The biggest difference is obviously width and size, tandem baby strollers can fit smaller doorways, and commonly fold up smaller
  • The weight distribution, however, is better on a side-by-side configuration. Most tandem double baby strollers can be front-heavy, so you will need to put the lighter kid in front
  • Most of the time, on tandem configurations you will need to remove the front seat before you can fold it, which is a hassle
  • Some (arguably most) tandem models limit the weight of one seat, only up to 35 lbs for the front, so you will not be able to use it for two toddlers

In general, side-by-side strollers are better for twins, and tandem strollers are generally better for children with slightly different age.

Can I buy used double baby strollers?

If you can find a used stroller with excellent condition, why not? However, as a general rule of thumb, try to look for one not older than 2014, at worse 2012-2013. Not only the technology can be obsolete, it will be easier when the need for replacement parts arise.

Prominent brands

Here are some brands you should consider. Most of them are available at your local retailers like Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, and of course from your online retailers like Amazon. You can always check for sale and discounts online before you go hunting.

One thing to keep in mind when searching online, don’t be confused about doll double baby strollers which are also widely available, such as American Girl’s infamous Bitty Baby doll strollers.

Baby trend

Baby Trend is one of the most prominent brands in the US and Canada, and arguably in the planet for double baby strollers, because of their affordability and overall quality. There are quite a lot of Baby Trends  available,  and some are worthy of your considerations, such as:

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

91hfRJxYROL. SL1500

Image Credit: Amazon

Baby Trend Sit n Stand Double Eclipse Stroller


Image Credit: Baby Trend

Baby Trend Sit n Stand Ultra

616wmAl83L. SL1000

Image Credit: Amazon

Baby Trend Expedition EX


Image Credit: Amazon

Baby Trend Skylar


Image Credit:Amazon

Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Sonic Standard Double Seat Stroller


Image Credit: Amazon

Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame

81XicgdNML. SX522

Image Credit: Amazon

Check out our in-depth review for baby trend double jogger strollers here.

Baby Jogger

As with Baby Trend, Baby Jogger is also a wildly popular brand specializing on (as the name suggest) jogger strollers. There is a wide series of baby jogger products available, here are the prominent ones for your considerations:

Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller

81P9vM3mkL. SL1500

Image Credit: Amazon

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller

81vL8w9InjL. SL1500

Image Credit: Amazon

There are also some famous discontinued products like Baby Jogger City Elite and Baby Jogger City Micro double strollers. It’s definitely worth looking for used ones in good condition.

Orbit Baby

Orbit is a brand known for a customizable line of stroller products. If you are DIY-minded parents, Orbit might be a suitable option allowing you more customizations and longevity, where you can simply replace the chair parts as your children grow older.

Orbit Baby G3 Double Helix

81pBqHFVedL. SL1500

Image Credit: Amazon


UPPA Baby is one of the premium, high-end brands for double baby strollers. They offer many different side-by-side and tandem double baby strollers, here are the most prominent ones:

UPPA Baby G-Link

61ta5PVRaVL. SL1000

Image Credit: Amazon

UPPA Baby Vista

2017VISTA overview 1

Image Credit: Amazon

Graco Baby

Another brand known for its affordability with a wide range of stroller selections. Here are some of their prominent double baby strollers:

Graco Modes Duo

91PXF0R7gPL. SL1500

Image Credit: Amazon

Graco FastAction Fold Duo LX Connect

61EFx0jZcL. SL1000

Image Credit: Amazon

Valco Baby

Valco is an Australian brand which is recently gaining popularity in the States for affordable yet excellent products. For double baby strollers, here are some of their notable products:

Valco Baby Ion


Image Credit: Amazon

Valco Baby Latitude Twin Stroller EX

Image Credit: Amazon


A popular brand mainly available from WalMart, offering affordable and colorful options.

Instep Safari Double Jogging Stroller

91GDDlYcrzL. SL1500

Image Credit: Amazon

Whether you’re a first-time parent or are expecting your second or third child, finding the perfect stroller is important. We hope this guide was helpful for you! In up-and-coming posts, we’ll be reviewing a few of these models. We’ll be providing valuable information to guide you in your search for the perfect stroller for your little one. Check back soon for updates!

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