From Bassinet To Basket – Remodeling & Reusing Baby Stroller Car Seats

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This may come as a slight surprise but several moms have actually considered this idea before but never really got down to making it works. Baby stroller car seats are, to all intents and purposes, baskets. You carry your baby around it, you hold, lift, and place the seat as you would a normal basket. They are portable, compact, lightweight, and ideal decor items for when your child has outgrown the stroller and no longer needs the itty-bitty car seat.

baby car seat

  • You need to make very little changes if you plan to use the car seat as a showpiece inside the home. Place it on a short table and use silken cloth to deck the inside and let them ‘spill’ out in a stylistic fashion. Inside this smooth enclosure, you can place whatever you think suits your overall home decor. This is a gorgeous idea if done using the right fabrics and items.
  • Photo albums are great ways to relive the good old days. You can create albums of your marriage, the birth of your first child, and records of their growing up and out of strollers. Place these albums in categorical order inside the car seat and decorate the basket as needed. The seat looks aesthetic enough as it is and the albums more than communicate what guests and relatives are going to see, namely baby and you.
  • In case you want to use the basket as a fruit holder or beverage stand, whether it is for the kitchen or on the lawn outside during BBQ’s or picnics, you will need to change the upholstery.
  • Taking out all the padding and upholstery on baby stroller car seats grants you room to add new design elements. If you or hubby are into workshop, you can ‘DIY’ this part. However, it is recommended that you take a professional’s help, anyone who can remodel and re-upholster.
  • If you happen to have a handful of car seats, you can completely change their insides, namely the bassinet regions, turn them over and apply fixtures to help hang them from the ceiling. With the right shaping and modelling, you can remake old car seats into abstract-art light fixtures or ceiling fan surround-decor.
  • Music is wonderful and there are hundreds of varieties of speakers on the market today. They come in diverse shapes, sizes, designs, and features. Choose two old baby stroller car seats, choose two uniform speakers, find ways to mix and match so you can place them inside the bassinets while not dampening the sound effect. Once again, if you manage to remodel the seats aptly, you can end up creating an acoustic chamber that could amplify the bass from the speakers.
  • Vanity boxes to hold your makeup items can be quite expensive and not often capable of reminding you of your responsibilities as a parent. This is an especially useful idea if you are a single mom and you have found a way to re-craft your baby’s old stroller into a multi-shelved vanity box that sits on your dresser.

When you get ready to head out and find love again, it is not a light matter to see the car seat remodelled into what it is now and be reminded that you are now a mom and that the man you are going to bring into your life is also going to enter your child’s future. Few objects can have such an important impact when most needed.


Baby car seats… They are cute, cozy, comfy, adorable, and make you want to place your baby boo in there so they look like two buttons on a bunny. But your precious is going to grow up and that removable stroller car seat will no longer be required. The child will soon make do with normal car seats and belts.

Ideas to remake otherwise well-designed car seats is a great way to save expenses while being super creative.

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