Great Food For Abundant Breast Milk

Breast feeding is a very important phase of motherhood and the breast milk is really vital for the nurturing of the baby. Hence, everything that can be done should be done to increase the milk supply. The best method to increase the milk supply is by nursing. The breast feeding in itself is always better compared to other methods of making your body produce more milk. The breast feeding and the stimulation caused to the nerves while breast feeding will signal the body to increase the production of milk. If you ensure that everything related to nursing is done and still feel you need to boost your milk supply, you could go with the consumption of foods which promote production of milk. You could include the below mentioned foods to your diet to enhance the supply of milk.

Foods to Eat For Enhancing the Supply of Breast Milk

1) Fenugreek

The common herb that could be helpful in increasing the production of milk is the Fenugreek seed. This seed is used all over the world in baking and cooking. This herb is a great source of vitamin C, iron, protein and others. When consumed in capsule form or in tea, this herb can enhance the supply of milk in few days. However there are some precautions that need to be considered. If you are susceptible to allergies or asthma, you must consume Fenugreek with utmost care. If your body has low thyroid hormone levels, if you intake blood thinners, if you are hypoglemic, it is better that you don’t consume Fenugreek.

2) Oats

Though many of them consider it just as a myth, it is very true that oats can be of great help in increasing the supply of milk. Oats are enriched with Saponins which are anti-inflammatory and antibiotic, helping the immune system. Besides, they also affect the hormones produced by the pituitary gland and which is responsible for production of milk. Hence, you could do a great job including oatmeal into your breakfast menu or make few cookies of oatmeal and savor it as snacks.

3) Brewer’s Yeast

Many of the mothers have come across tales of how drinking a mug of beer would help with supply of milk. This is more than a myth! At times known as the nutritional yeast, Brewer’s yeast has phytoestrogens that could be the main source of its characteristic of being helpful in production of milk, besides being a source for iron and protein. Women who consume these yeasts usually claim they feel more energetic and happier. The Brewer’s yeast is easily available in the food stores. Consuming beer that is brewed with this yeast can surely be of great help.

4) Alfalfa

This leaf is a sort of an herb that has loads of useful minerals, vitamins as well as amino acids. Alfalfa is highly estrogenic and aids pituitary functions that is responsible for producing hormones that can help in enhancing the breast milk supply. You could consume Alfalfa seeds or sprouts by adding them to the salad or could even use them with a sandwich. The supplements of Alfalfa are also available in the form of capsules.

5) Garlic

Various traditions throughout the world have made use of garlic for their medicinal qualities and for their flavoring in cooking. When moderately used, garlic could show effects that are lactogenic. This could be due to the liking of the flavor by babies. A study has found out that babies often nursed more and consumed more milk when their mothers consumed garlic before they nursed the baby. Hence, the enhanced breast stimulation could aid to increased supply of milk. If you don’t like the flavor of garlic, you could consume them in capsules.

6) Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are enriched with calcium and are one among those best seeds that could help in increasing the supply of milk. You could search for light colored seeds or sesame seeds that are black. Consuming the seeds after crushing is essential as they could just pass through digestive tracts in their husks. You could try a paste made of sesame seeds known as tahini. This paste could be used in salad dressing or hummus, or like a spread on vegetables or crackers.

7) Dandelion

If you find it surprising, let us assure you that you can find these weeds in the backyards and these will aid in enhancing the milk supply. Native American and Chinese medicine made use of dandelion in postpartum recovery as well as increase the supply of milk. Every part of this food is edible. The roots and leaves could be included to a raw salad or you could also consume the dandelion tea. You must not use dandelion if you’re under diuretic medication.

8) Fennel

Irrespective of whether it is consumed as a seed or a vegetable, the phytoestrogens that are present in fennel are the primary sources in increasing the supply of milk. When consumed in large dosage, the seeds could have an adverse effect of reducing the supply of milk and hence must be consumed with, caution. Another benefit is their ability to reduce gas and improvise digestion. When the mother consumes it as tea, it could mitigate symptoms that are colic, in the baby. You could also use fennel seeds with vegetables or use them in noodles for immediate snack.

9) Nuts

Nuts are generally high in essential fatty acids and proteins. They are perfectly fitting in any diet. Amino acids present in nuts are main ingredients for serotonin that is a vital neurotransmitter responsible for lactation. Almonds could be the most useful nuts in this regard. They could either be eaten raw or consumed with milk.

10) Tea

Teas like Fenugreek tea, black tea, blessed thistle, Alfalfa, marshmallow root, raspberry leaf and others could be very much helpful in enhancing the process of lactation that would enhance the production of milk.

Motherhood is the most important period of time that a woman longs for, and cherishes. Meanwhile, measures must be taken so that the baby is enriched with nutrients supplied from breast milk. And you know what to consume if you want to increase the milk supply!

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