How To Keep Baby Cool In Stroller 101: Protect Your Child From The Sun

Summertime is right around the corner.

We all know what that means. Trying to keep your baby cool in a stroller while you’re out and about can really put a damper on your day.

Even if your baby can’t talk with words just yet, they’ll find a way to communicate their heat-related discomfort. That means crying.

And who can blame them? Anybody would get cranky with the sun beating down on them. Especially if they don’t have the motor skills to maneuver themselves into a more comfortable position.

If you’re tired of home-made shade contraptions constantly dropping to the ground, this 101 is for you. If you can no longer bend down every fifteen seconds to fan air on your baby with a crumpled-up envelope from your purse, this 101 is for you.

You can’t just stay in the house all day. Yet you must keep your little one comfortable while out and about. How to keep baby cool in a stroller? Check out these hacks we’ve sourced from the experts.

How to Keep Baby Cool in Stroller: Use a Stroller Fan

Use a Stroller Fan

A stroller fan? Now that’s an innovative idea. An electric fan can be a great way to keep your baby cool in a safe way, if you do it correctly.

You can go one of two ways with this idea. The Huffington Post suggests making your own stroller fan with a tiny electric fan and some Velcro. Simply buy an electric fan and a Velcro strap. Use superglue to glue the base of the fan to the Velcro strap.

Then you can move the fan into any position on your stroller, depending on how your baby is positioned. This is great f you have an adjustable stroller or one with different seats.

You can also buy a clip-on fan made specially for use with strollers like the one from Dreambaby. These fans are designed with babies in mind, so you’ll get the perfect amount of air.

They’re generally inexpensive, but you can get them with more features and settings like the Portable Baby Stroller Fan with LED Lights - Cool on the Go Clip On... fan. It has led lights to keep baby entertained as well!

How to Keep Baby Cool in Stroller: Use a Cooling Stroller Seat Liner

Meeno Babies Cool Mee Car Seat Liner - Baby Blue
  • Keeps baby cool & comfortable
  • Fits most car seats for children between 1-4 years.
  • Soft, breathable, absorbent

One product you absolutely need during the high summer months is a cooling seat liner for baby’s stroller. Meeno Babies "Cool Mee" cooling pad is one such liner.

This liner helps keep baby cool, ventilating out sweat and providing an aerated seat. You’ll be able to use the liner with any stroller if you’re willing to do a bit of maneuvering to get the fit right. The cushion is comfortable and plush, with hypoallergenic fabric for sensitive skin.

The cushion works by providing a space for air flow between your baby and the stroller seat. It helps immensely with cooling, plus it helps protect your stroller from staining (if you have a baby, you know stroller stains). At 30 dollars, the cooling seat is a sound and helpful investment for parents.

Skip Hop Stroll & Go makes a similar product. It uses three mechanisms to cool your babe off in the summer months.

The top layer of the cushion pulls moisture away with innovating wicking fabric. The middle layer is made of quilted channels to funnel away hot air. The bottom layer is made of mesh to allow air flow.

This product is a bit more economical at 20 dollars. It’s a seat you can count on to provide a comfortable and cool base for your baby in the summertime.

How to Keep Baby Cool in Stroller: Use Homemade Cooling Systems

Homemade Cooling Systems

How to keep baby cool in a stroller without making extravagant purchases? You can actually build your own cooling system with an ice pack and a few towels.

Buy a couple of inexpensive icepacks like the ones available from Uline, and put them in the freezer overnight. When you’re ready to get up and go out with baby, have some dish towels at the ready.

Wrap the ice packs up inside the towels, making a small package. Make sure none of the ice pack is exposed. Before you pop your kid into the stroller, place the packages in strategic places. Under the knees is a good place, or on the sides.

Make sure that the packages are placed in such a way that your baby can’t tug at them and unwrap them, creating a mess. The packages will cool your baby off throughout the day, reducing heat-related discomfort.

If you don’t want to buy ice packs, frozen water bottles will also work. Just be careful to wrap them up tightly, because water bottles can sweat and create a mess.

Now that you’re educated on how to keep baby cool in a stroller, use these systems to ensure a happy baby and a happy parent!

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