How to Raise a Smart Baby?

Being a parent is one of the most beautiful feelings in a lifetime. As they say, every child is special. But there are some measures that can be taken in order to reach their intellectual potential. This requires stimulating the brain of the baby, helping them see the smarter ways in life. Showering them with love and being involved as a parent are essential in order to raise a smart baby. Here we will talk about some steps that will help you raise your kid as a smart baby.

The Secrets to Follow For Raising Smart Babies!

Bonding is essential

Bonding with your baby is a very special thing. This is the first thing that you should do with your growing baby. The main idea here is to keep a safe environment for the baby. Only if his brain feels secure with you, will he be able to open up and be himself. This paves the way for learning. You could start bonding with your baby by doing some skin contact like baby massage. This also means, you will need to have a comfortable family environment.

Talk to your baby about the day

Another way to gel well with your kid is to narrate the day to your kid so that he gets accustomed with your lifestyle. This is important for you and your baby to know each other. Studies show that by the age of 3, children who are spoken to regularly by their parents, have an IQ 1.5 times greater than the others. Also, it is essential that you describe your day to your kid like a story, changing the pitch of your voice. This makes understanding easier.

Learning the expressions

A baby’s best lessons are learnt at home. It is absolutely imperative, especially in today’s world, for kids to see their parents’ faces for quite some time. As an immature brain, he is processing the expressions of the parents. Studying these facial structures and expressions gives him the knowledge and idea to recognize expressions on unfamiliar people. This is the first step towards understanding emotions. Comprehension of facial expressions also leads to better communication skills and thus you get a smarter kid!

Let your baby move around

This is another step towards helping your kid become a smarter person. In this busy world, the kids spend most of their time in prams, car seats, and the likes. Even though they are exposed to the outside world here, their sensations are restricted. You need your kid to be able to move around and feel the senses. Once they start understanding and following their senses and react to them, they become more aware of the world.

Point to the objects

Studies show that children react more to teaching if they actually see it. For instance, if you are explaining to your kid what a particular object means, it is always better to point to the object so that he is able to relate to it. In the earliest stages, an infant may not completely understand what you are saying, but will learn to observe and figure things out. This again leads to better communication capabilities of the young mind.

Playing with your baby

Playing with your kid is not just meant for his amusement. Yes, it is definitely true that he needs some entertainment and fun. But games also help him develop the senses. It will stimulate his brain and senses. This is important for his growth and development. Trying out some basic and fun numbers game from an early stage will fine tune his math skills and understanding.

Tips for raising a smart baby

  • Reading to your kid is an essential component of his growth and development. This frees his mind and lets him get a sense of imagination. Even though you are narrating the story to him, his mind is working hard to imagine the situation.
  • To help your baby grow, you need to understand him. Do you know his temperament? Is he shy or is he outgoing? How does he behave around strangers? You must know these to teach him well.
  • Your kids need your attention and love more than the toys. It is just not enough if you are in the same room as your kid, doing something else. You need to be engaged with him.
  • Studies show that taking a nap after learning during the day leads to better retaining capabilities of the young brain.
  • Don’t restrict the baby in what he does. Let him move around, touch things, feel them in order to learn. This makes him a smart baby.

Most importantly, it is essential to remember that every child is unique. You need to understand the individual characteristics of your kid in order to raise him or her up as a smart baby.



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