Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller Reviews

Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller
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Review Summary:

Patented stand on tandem design. Most compact, maneuverable tandem available. Includes a universal infant car seat attachment

Tandem Stroller

There is an ideal alternative to side-by-side strollers, which some parents find hard to use. Instead of having two kids side by side you can still enjoy long walks, strolls, visits to parks and zoos, and so on, at no hassle and take both kids, one older and one much younger. The Joovy Caboose Stand on Tandem Stroller comes as welcome relief and brings plenty of outstanding features and modern accessibilities.

Features of Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller

Tandem Stroller

Design, Capacity & Compatibility

  • Two children, even one more, can fit into and onto the stroller.
  • The front seat has car seat adapter compatibility and can be used as a stroller seat.
  • A foot tray serves as the ‘back seat’ of sorts where a child can stand or sit. This is how another child can be accomodated; meaning while one stands on the foot stand area the other can be seated. This makes the Joovy Caboose Stand on Tandem capable of taking on three little munchkins.

Foldable & Compact

  • Even after the easy-fold feature is enganged (which will need two hands), you can rely on just one hand to open the stroller again. You can do this even with a child on the hip; it is that convenient.
  • The Joovy Caboose Stand On is so compact that once folded can fit easily in the trunk of an average sized car. A big stroller can throw your back especially if you are asked to fold and unfold several times a day. This product does away with that circumstance. All you have is ease of access.

Children & Comfort

  • As mentioned earlier, two to three kids can be accomodated on this stroller.
  • There is ample space at the back region of the stroller for the older toddler to get off and walk beside you if they prefer. They are not locked in, making it easier for you to focus on the itty-bitty one that needs more attention.
  • A seat belt serves to secure the child at the back while a 5-point harness system takes good care of your boo-boo in the front seat. There is no need for buckling / unbuckling / lifting issues for the toddler at the back. This adds to your convenience.
  • The older child at the back has padded handles that they can grip while sitting and even while walking beside the stroller. If they wish to sit instead, the back seat (padded and adjustable) has a 3-point harness for safety.
  • In addition to being comfortable and well padded, the entire stroller is sturdy and designed for durability. You can use it for many years to come.

More Beneficial Features

  • A parent organizer, while not essential for the kids, can help you greatly by holding water bottles, keys, cell phones etc. This is a separately sold accessory and is called the ‘Joovy Caboose Parent Organizer’.
  • The fabric is made entirely of nylon, rendering the stroller easy to clean and maintain.
  • Weighing at most 21 pounds, the Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller is extremely lightweight and as a consequence is also mobile and simple to navigate.
  • You have a smart and practical storage basket just under the front seat. Simply slide the seat forward to gain access to the basket and slide it back. This is one of the more convenient things about the Joovy Caboose Stand on Tandem Stroller. While it may not be as large as other baskets among stroller products, it is more than adequate to help carry supplies for two kids and then some.
  • It works with your current infant seat, if you happen to already own one. The adapter too works well in this fashion, making this one of the most money-saving features of this stroller.
  • It comes in four beautiful color themes: Orangetree (orange), Appletree (green), Purpleness (purple), and of course black.


  • The canopy, while extensive, is capable of covering only one child with optimal coverage. The canopy can indeed be removed and a rain cover used in its stead so both children are adequately protected from the elements.

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