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Maclaren Mark II Stroller, Midnight Navy
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Review Summary:

1 Seat Position appropriate from 6 months and up. Waterproof Hood: extra-large with extendable sunvisor for maximum coverage. Plus covered mesh peek-a-boo window.

Redesigning a look from the ‘60’s and transforming it into a modern marvel of practical perfection is no small feat. Yet that is exactly what the artists at Maclaren baby strollers did when they created the Maclaren Mark II. Weighing an ultra light 7.3 pounds you will be shocked to learn that something this light can still ideally hold a child of 55 pounds. Not only is the Mark II’s carrying strap, easy fold feature, and other points great for moving around a busy city getting errands and tasks done it is also a much sought after stroller for traveling.

Main Features & Points

  • Sun canopy with flip-out visor; canopy is also removable and water resistant
  • Rain cover for the entire stroller is included with the product package
  • One-hand collapse and fold feature makes things extremely convenient, especially in tight spots or emergencies
  • The front swivel wheels can be locked in the forward facing direction to ensure a smooth ride along straight paths
  • The aluminum frame design for the stroller is lightweight, strong, and durable.
  • The parking brakes are interlinked and can be activated by foot
  • Ergonomic foam handles provide ideal grip as well as comfort even for sweaty or wet palms.
  • A 5-point harness system makes safety a certainty not a concern. The straps are adjustable to suit your baby’s measure.
  • A smart storage basket under the seat adds to the convenience.
  • You also have a handle and carry strap to help carry, move, or transport the Mark II with absolutely no hassle
  • JPMA certification rounds off the outstanding features on the Maclaren Mark II, giving it the stamp of excellence all parents want to see in quality strollers.

A Detailed Look At The Maclaren Mark II

About The Seat, Materials, Straps & Canopy

Simplicity is the name of the game. While you may not find any padding on the shoulder harness or seat, the ensemble is still quite comfortable thanks to quality materials and ideal design structure.

  • Being as streamlined as it is, you will find no leg rests or reclining features but the design still comes to the comfort-rescue and keeps baby seated happy inside.
  • You need not worry about itty-boo’s legs dangling throughout. There is a neat and sturdy footrest to add to the child’s comfort.
  • The shoulder straps are fully adjustable and come equipped with a heavy-duty buckle that tiny fingers cannot fiddle with; it is easy to cinch and uncinch for adult hands. This enhances your baby’s security like few other features on strollers of this type and range.
  • A neat white strip runs the length of the seat from top (the seat back is 19 inches long, adding space for growing kids) of the headrest to the front of the seating area. This strip is made of mesh material that keeps the seat region ideally circulated in hotter climes. Your child will not sweat and can indeed stay cool in the seat. (Great for summer strolls or day trips to Disney World).
  • Granted, the seat material is quite thin but its strength rests in the high quality material it is made of. You can clean up spills and other messes as easily as 1-2-3. It even dries incredibly fast.
  • If you wish to style things up you have seat liners and padding accessories sold separately and crafted exclusively for the Mark II. There are four colorful liners to choose from, for instance.
  • It has a much more extensive sun canopy than what other Maclaren baby stroller models have going for it.
  • In addition to providing full and adequate coverage, the sun canopy on the Mark II also has a flip-out visor to keep low angle sun rays off your baby.
  • The canopy material has SPF-50 protection capabilities, meaning no UV rays are going to get anywhere close to your child.
  • A mesh peek-a-boo window up top lets you keep close watch on your infant or toddler and they can see you too when they angle their head up and back.

Performance, Foldability & Durability

The stroller is best for babies six months and over because the lack of a seat reclining feature means younger kids will not find the support they require.

  • The high-strength aluminum frame is responsible for the lightweight nature of this 7-pound marvel among baby strollers.
  • A child from 6 months to kindergarten can enjoy time in the Maclaren Mark II, giving this stroller outstanding value for money.
  • Capable of carrying a child upto 55 pounds, you would be surprised to learn that umbrella strollers like these can usually manage only 30-40 lbs.
  • Long walks, maneuverability, smooth rides… These are some of the words associated with the performance side of the Mark II.
  • If you happen to be on moderately bumpy surfaces (nothing too rough) the front wheel lock feature fixes the swivel wheels up front into a forward facing position so there is ease of navigation without wobbling; no undue strain on your arms to keep moving the stroller just right.
  • Wheels have suspension systems on each so for those few seconds of bumpiness your baby will be comfortable. Bear in miund, though, that the Mark II is ideal for smooth floors and sidewalks.
  • You will need a little practice to learn to fold this stroller right. Once you have the technique down pat, you can perform it in less than five seconds and see the total strolelr weight match that of a diaper bag.
  • Once you have emptied the storage basket, you can use the one-hand fold feature to get this stroller into a compact form.
  • Upon folding, a lock fixes or holds the stroller frame in place. There is a carrying strap on the stroller’s side to add to your convenience.

About The Handles

The handles are made of a specialized material not the usual foam seen on other Maclaren models. These offer ideal grip and are wonderfully durable. Not only are the handles anti-microbial they are also set at the ideal height of 40½”, making them a standard for most (parent) height variations. Just behind and below the handle hangs a safety tether. Attach it to your wrist to increase safety. In case the stroller moves or is tugged, you will immediately be able to react. This can double as a handhold for your toddler if they choose to walk beside the stroller.

Other Practical Features

One-step brakes make it easy, the fact that they are interlinked makes them easier still. Engage and disengage the brakes at leisure to impart ideal safety to the stroller and obviously the baby inside. The stroller is small and so is the storage basket but not too small that you cannot put in all the essentials your baby will need for the day. The accessory ‘Maclaren Universal Organizer’ is great for a bigger space (2 bottle holders and a large storage pocket).


  • The back frame’s angle is such that it causes taller than average parents to kick the wheels accidentally when walking.
  • The stroller is streamlined and small, meaning you have all the ncessities and nothing extra; no large storage spaces, overly wide canopies, large seating room, and so on. This is a simply downside that the Mark II’s design and materials readily compensate.

What Customers Are Saying ?

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With superb UV and rain protection, incredibly compact design (both when the stroller is folded and unfolded), a lightweight but strong aluminum frame, a gorgeous streamlined look, lock features on the front wheel, brake features for all wheels, suspension systems to add comfort, 5-point safety harness, and much more, the Maclaren Mark II has outstanding value for money and provides all-round practicality.

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