Playtime With Your Baby

Children are like gifts to their mothers which is why they take the utmost care to make sure that their little ones are always happy. This is the reason you will see mothers, especially the new ones at least, being a little perplexed as to how they can be good mothers.

One thing which you should do religiously is playing with your kids. Playing regularly with your kids help in building the emotional bond. Moreover, it is a much needed exercise. This keeps the toddlers active and strengthens their muscles and bones. Apart from this, there are also other benefits like learning, speaking and understanding things which can be derived from these playtime activities. Therefore, let us suggest certain things which you can do with your little angels during their playtime with you.

H for Hand………….

It is imperative that over time your baby is going to learn letters and numbers, but you can help them practice it from an early age in the guise of a game or fun activity. The easiest way to do so is by starting with the body parts. The basic step here is to simply point your finger towards your hand and tell him what it is called. You can reach him better by making animated faces or stick out your tongue which, albeit funny and would make him curious. Similarly, show other parts of the body – like your face. Over the months, do this exercise with him as much as you can and then start asking him to show you the various parts of the body. If he succeeds then treat with candies to keep his spirits high, and even if he doesn’t, then don’t forget to encourage him regularly.

Swing away

One thing which is true about the 21st century is everyone is busy. This means when you are coming back from work, then you don’t have any energy left, but your little prince is there waiting to have his playtime with you. Here, your only ray of hope is the swing, especially a portable swing, which can be set up at your own place easily. This trick is said to work brilliantly as babies love to swing from one end to the other for as long as possible. Moreover, in many cases kids even fall asleep on the swing. Swinging creates a rocking sensation which results in children getting a drowsy feeling ultimately leading them to sleep.

Story time

There are hardly any kids who don’t like stories, especially the fairytales. It is a great bonding activity as you get to spend some quality time with your cute little baby, all the while entertaining and teaching him something new. Here you should try and find out which story he likes and read it to him. To catch his attention, it is often said to give each and every member of the house a character from the story so that he can relate to it better. This is sure to get him engrossed and at the same time is a lot of fun.

It’s time to walk

If your child is trying to stand up then you have to understand, it is time to help him do so. In order to do that you have to make sure his bones and muscles are ready for standing and walking. You can do so by playing a small game where you will put them on their tummy while you sit right in front of him. As they get into this position they will try to find your face. In his endeavor to see you, he will try to catch you by moving his arms in order to come to you. Although he might not reach you in the initial stages, but as he gets better, he is sure to come to you in no time. This activity is sure to make his arm and neck muscles strong and fill the room with his giggles.


Sing aloud to him in your free time. You will see that toddlers react to these songs and if you are lucky then you might even see them moving their arms in jest and appreciation. Moreover, if the kid can stand, then he might even shake his legs to your tunes.

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