Stroller Style – How To Home – Decorate Using Old Baby Strollers

You find yourself sitting on the couch and staring at your old baby strollers. The kids have outgrown them but you still feel that giving them away or passing them into the hands of recycling will crush the memories baby and you made with that stroller. You may have a handful of them or even just one, but good news is you can hold on to that nostalgia and be reminded of the wonders your children brought to you when they were tiny tots.

The idea is to merge the baby stroller with your home decor. Why? Why not just place the thing in a corner, stash it away in the basement, or fold and slip it under the bed? That way, you can return to it and relive old memories. While that notion sounds practical, you miss out on one crucial possibility: Style. If you do it right, a stroller can actually render your living space homely and wonderful. Plus, there is the distinct benefit of telling guests and relatives stories from years back when little John and Jane were born.


Of course, this will be embarrass your kids (who are probably teenagers by this time, or getting there) but then again parents will never stop boasting about their babies, so you might as well show the world how much you loved your kids as infants and how you enjoy watching them grow older.

Take the old stroller to a store or center where they can help you polish, buff, and generally take out all grime and accumulated debris, including rust, from it. If you can do it at home using cleaning liquids and sturdy rust-removal agents, feel free to go ahead; but only if you know how or your stroller can end up appearing tacky.

  • Stay safe(masks, goggles, gloves), you are dealing with chemicals.
  • Remember the time you considered how best to use the varied features on strollers to benefit your babies and yourself? The canopy for sun and wind protection, the handle grip for steady maneuverability, the trays to hold cups and other objects, the storage pockets for sundry baby items and your own stuff, the wheel lock mechanisms, the adjustable harnesses, and so on…
  • Look at all of those components from a decorator’s point of view now. Do not be cheesy by stuffing fake flower bouquets onto different sections of the stroller. Bear in mind that you are not converting the stroller into something else entirely. Since it is going to look like itself anyway, buff, polish, smooth, and shine it up (as you did in step one) and add small touches where needed.
  • Dangling accessories are a beautiful style element. You will find these sold in novelty stores, and you can even rely on the tiny phone danglers they make these days. With the help of a professional make tiny access holes to knot these accessories into.Based on the dangler’s design, you can choose ideal fixtures. You want your stroller to look amazing as though it came to you from a high-end manufacturer ready for home decor use.
  • Opting for professional design changes will help ensure that image.
  • Another idea will be to pick a gorgeous doll, slightly bigger than average size, and place it in the stroller. It will add classy dollish appeal to the stroller not to mention its impact on your decor. No teddy bears, please, they are so passe.
  • Strollers can be neat bookcases, in a manner of speaking, with baby related or even other books placed in the seat region and the harness holding them together.
  • The seat region can also hold pretty baubles and if you can fix a small light under the extendable canopy, you can create an enchanting light source, mild or bright, that makes the baubles sparkle.
  • If you like having chocolates and well-packed desserts, even several fruits, in baskets around the home you can place them inside the stroller instead to create an ‘adorable yummy’ feel that a mere basket alone could not achieve.


Final Notes

You can come up with all sorts of ideas. If you wish to get radical, why not use a professional metalworker’s help to completely alter the design of that old baby stroller and render it new. We discouraged it earlier because we wanted you to hold on to memories and not break them apart, but if you are not the sentimental kind you can give this idea a shot.

The area around your stroller should complement the design. No, flowers, cherubs, and baby elements are not what we mean, just graceful decor to suit the ‘calm’ that a baby stroller imparts on most people’s senses.

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