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Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier
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Review Summary:

Tula baby carrier

With our mission to provide every mommy and mom-to-be with unbiased, professional, product reviews regarding their baby needs, the Tula babycarrier is the best option for mobility.

Unless you have been living under the rock for the past couple of years, chances are you have heard about them, and you might wonder what the big deal is.

Just in case, let us kickstart our review with a little introduction of the product itself.

What Is Tula?

Tula is a US-based brand of baby carriers and other baby-related products on the market. The Tula Baby Carrier, which is our focus of discussion today, is initially popular because of its canvas material in combination with colorful European Textiles.

These color options and fabric materials, make the Tula product some of the most adorable options to go with as well. Gone are the boring and bland pink and blue color options,  With Tula, there are different patterns that are sure to give your baby gear a refreshing pop of color.

The carriers are made with a focus to be ergonomic. They come in two sizes: baby and toddler. The baby carrier can hold between 15-45 lbs, while the toddler carrier is made to hold between 25 and 50 pounds.

Tula first gained popularity in the hardcore babywearing clubs, especially in the UK and USA. Its underground popularity didn’t remain long, however, as nowadays it has acquired massive mainstream popularity with its reasons. Tula baby carriers are known to be beautiful and attractive, while they are also very versatile, easy to use, and most importantly, built with safety in mind.

Tula baby carrier

They are also known to provide superb comfort for your babies and toddlers, and they are very easy to use and shift position with, which is a rarity among other soft material carriersFor moms, it’s hard to deny that its attractiveness is the major selling point, but it’s not their only quality.

How Much Is A Tula Baby Carrier?

Listed on Amazon and Tula‘s website for $149, you might get it cheaper with any couponpromo code, or discount sale offer anywhere else. You could also buy your carrier from Target or Amazon using gift cards.

You can save on shipping if you have Amazon Prime. Otherwise, if you buy your carrier from the Tula website, it will ship from San Diego, and you’ll have to pay for shipping to your location.

If you do shop from the Tula website directly,  there may be promo codes that you can take advantage of to help bring down the cost of your Tula baby carrier. 

Our Tula Baby Carrier Review: Worth It Or Not Worth It?

How We Tested The Product

For baby carriers there are three standards that determine its value. Each of these standards is not only important as far as the integrity of the product goes, but how well it will serve the consumer too. The three different standards that we used to examine the product include the following: 


Obvious and self-explanatory, safety should be the number one concern for any baby-related products. As we tested the product, we examined its safety by looking at three main factors:

    • How it allows the baby/toddler to breathe consistently throughout all positions.
    • Ergonomics, or how it relates design-wise to the baby‘s body to prevent injury and harm
    • Its overall security in design, also it should follow the basic safety code and standard

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When it comes to being a parent, it is no surprise that parenting babies especially newborns can be incredibly exhausting. Because of that, simplicity in the product is key as it will help lower stress level of parents, especially new parents. No matter how useful gear is, it will not be worth it. For baby carriers, the important aspects of simplicity are:

  • How easy to shift position with
  • Can it be attached and unattached with relative ease, and speed (you know how many emergencies you can have with a baby around)

Tula baby carrier

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Lastly, any ideal baby-related product should be able to function with similar quality and functionality from newborn to toddlerhood. It may seem far-fetched, as we have mentioned Tula baby carriers come in two sizes for infants and toddlers. However, we will examine how the baby-size will perform fortoddlers, and vice-versa.

Key Features


As we have mentioned, the key highlight of the Tula Ergonomic Carrier is its attractiveness in design, utilizing colorful European garments as its material.

This quality sets itself apart from its competitors, at least when it was first released. Nowadays, several other manufacturers are copying Tula‘s design, but the fact remains that Tula was the pioneer for fun and cheerful designs in baby-wearing.

With many different patterns and colors, Tula is great to add a little flair to your everyday life and is perfect for mommies and daddies everywhere.

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Ease of Use

We will discuss how we came to this verdict further below, but Tula falls in the easy-to-use category.


Both for the baby and the parent, Tula provides superb comfort throughout all positions. The weight of the baby is distributed evenly, reducing the stress on your back, neck, and shoulder.

Ease of Cleaning

Like many other similar products with soft structure, you can clean it with a washing machine. You will need to use a gentle detergent. Avoid dry-cleaning with this product, as it could contain dangerous chemicals for your baby.

We received the Tula at our headquarters in Toronto after almost two full weeks of waiting. We ordered from Tula‘s website to test the overall delivery process and packaging. It was relatively a long wait, thanks to its popularity.

The packaging is simple yet luxurious. Being one of the most expensive carriers available on the market, they come packaged quite nicely. After we opened the box, we immediately put it into our series of tests, and here are our verdicts.


As we have mentioned above, we examined three main factors in determining the product safety, and here are our verdicts:

Consistency in airways

Tula‘s Infant Insert design tackles this issue well. The padding part of the insert supports the head and the neck of the baby completely, which in turn will help in maintaining a clear airway. This design also helps the chin of the baby to touch the chest, which can be a major risk of suffocation.

As we tested different positions, the clear airway is maintained perfectly. You can always be sure that your baby can easily breathe in the Tula.

Overall Security

The body part of theTula is relatively high-positioned, compared to other similar products such as the Ergobaby Four Position 360. This quality makes asignificant difference in security, while also keeping the baby position relatively closer to your body, and maintaining the baby‘s comfort.


For baby carriers, it is crucial to maintain the hip ergonomics. Studies have shown that most hip development issues occur in the first four months. In the Tula Baby Carrier, the seat is much wider that other products with almost 14-inches of width, such as Onya Baby Outback. This feature allows a more natural ‘frog’ position of the baby‘s legs, which will prevent leg dangle that can turn into hip dysplasia.

As you can see, the Tula Baby Carrier passed all of our tests in regards to safety with colorful remarks. It is one of the best products regarding safety available today.

Baby‘s Comfort

There’s no use of a perfectly safe baby carrier when your toddler cries all the time in it. Tula again shines in this category, thanks to its design approach. The top area is also relatively wider than comparable products, allowing more wiggle space for your baby. This design, paired with the wide seat we have discussed before, provides both support and comfort for your child.

The fabric material is thinner than we expected, yet is satisfyingly strong. The material made the carrier less bulky and will allow better ventilation for the baby, which in turn will increase the comfortability. The fabric material is also incredibly soft, which will ensure comfort as it makes contact with your baby.

We also really liked the subtle rim of padding surrounding the leg holes, a small but important added comfort.

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Parent’s Comfort

While the comfort for your baby is more important, we shouldn’t disregard your own comfort. Here in this category, the straps came with extra-thick padding will reduce the stress of your shoulders, neck, and back. The three-part waistband allows better distribution of the baby weight and thus will provide better support without causing any back strain.

The padded area on the waistband is, again, wider than those we found on other baby carriers such as the Beco Baby Gemini. This feature will not only add comfort, but also help prevents fashion malfunction on your top, often associated with baby carriers.

One major issue that we found, however, is the lack of the option to cross the shoulder straps in the back, which will be useful in a front carry. This feature is found in its competitors, such as the Onya Baby Outback, and provides more comfort. However, the issue is rather small compared to all of Tula‘s other benefits regarding parent’s comfort.


Using the Tula Baby Carrier is very simple. It is secured just by attaching the semi-elastic loop to the shoulder strap. Attaching and un-attaching it is very simple and quick process, which as we have discussed, vital for a baby carrier product. You can also quickly tighten or loosen it without unbuckling the shoulder strap first, which is a major plus point.

Because of the easiness of the loosening-tightening process, breastfeeding with the Tula is also possible, another significant benefit. Tula comes with relatively large detachable hood, which can either be used for breastfeeding and nursing privacy or cover the baby while sleeping. The hood is secured with cords, which will stabilize it as you move around.

The storage pouch, found on the front side of the waistband can also be useful for most of us. You can put your keys, wallet, and phone in it, secured with a velcro fastening system.

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Again, it has a similar minor issue in this category, because it doesn’t provide the facing outward- front carry position, which is popular nowadays. However, we agreed with Tula that facing outward is not a natural position, so it’s rather a small issue for us.

As we have also mentioned, the Tula Baby Carrier is also relatively easy to clean with a washable machine. The only downside is that you will need to allow it to dry, which can be an issue when you are in a hurry.


Unfortunately, here the Tula Baby Carrier doesn’t shine. The baby-sized Tula can only be useful for babies, while the toddler-sized Tula will be too wide and large for younger infants, especially newborns. Chances are, if you love the Tula when your baby is a newborn, you will need to switch to the toddler size as your baby reached 1-year of age.

Because it’s relatively expensive at $149 (Amazon listing), the longevity issue might be a thing to consider.

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Pros and Cons

After we have thoroughly reviewed the Tula Ergonomic Carrier, here are our takes about its pros and cons:


  • Design

We have stated this several times, the cuteness and attractiveness are some of Tula‘s major highlights. The product is designed for simplicity and functionality.

  • Privacy

Even without the hood on, the size of the Tula baby carrier can easily cover you while breastfeeding. The hood increases the privacy value and provides comfort and seclusion that you need, especially when breastfeeding in public.

  • Comfort

Superb comfort for both the parent and the baby, this carrier won’t strain your back or pull you forward. This carrier has excellent weight distribution, so it feels normal as you wear it.

  • Light-weight

The Tula baby carrier, unlike some other brands, is very light and not bulky. You can take this carrier any where you go, just pack it in your diaper bag with all your other essentials.

  • Silent

This product doesn’t make a lot of noise when you move it around, and is ideal for transitioning positions, or getting it off while the baby is sleeping.

  • Wide Seat

The almost 14-inch wide seat is great not only for the baby‘s comfort, but also to prevent hip development issues as we have previously discussed.

  • Durability

Although the fabrics used are seemingly thin, it is made to last and not tear. Of course, there will be normal wear and tear but nothing that will affect the safety of the baby or the parent.


  • Gets Dirty Easily

Although it’s relatively easy to clean, this can be a major hassle. Spot cleaning is encouraged, but sometimes a machine wash may be necessary. Also, take caution, as the carrier should be gently washed. To ensure that nothing happens to the product, you may put it in a lingerie bag or pillow case.

  • No Facing-Out Front Carry

This position is very popular lately, which can be a major issue for a lot of us for convenience.

  • Longevity

As mentioned, it might be necessary to switch to a different size as your baby grows. Other than that the product lasts as long as you need it to. It would be a great ‘hand-me-down’ or secondhand item.

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Bottom Line

The big question is: Would it justify its relatively expensive price?

The answer would depend on how you will appreciate its design, although the design is not its only value. Besides its obviously attractive (and currently trending) design and colorful choices, it is also one of the safest baby carriers available on the market today, which is a huge plus.

Another key value of the Tula Baby Carrier is its simplicity and ease of use, as you can easily fasten, loosen, attach and remove the Tula Baby Carrier without much effort and in a very quick manner.

Although it’s relatively expensive, it is 100% handmade, sewn with a certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 percent cotton, which is known for its durability.

Made to last, and while a bigger toddler-size might be needed as your baby gets older, chances are the Tula baby carrier will still be in good condition when you decide to have another baby or give it away as a second hand item. You can also buy accessories to improve the function of this product.

As a verdict, the price tag of the Tula Baby Carrier is justified. Not only because of its design and popularity, but also for its overall features regarding safety, ease of use, and comfort.

Tula baby carrier


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