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Uppababy G Luxe Stroller
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Enjoy the finer things in life?

Does your baby deserve a degree of luxury?

The name UPPAbaby is, of course, synonymous with some of the best, high-end baby strollers out there.

All of their products are laden with great features and quality builds, and are some of the best-selling products in many marketplaces.

Today, we will do a comprehensive review of the UPPAbaby G Luxe.The G-Luxe is UPPAbaby’s umbrella, or lightweight stroller product, and is among the best-selling lightweight strollers available known for its easy-to-use approach, great features, and excellent durability.

The G-Luxe is UPPAbaby’s umbrella, or lightweight stroller product, and is among the best-selling lightweight strollers available known for its easy-to-use approach, great features, and excellent durability.

uppababy g luxe review

To begin this UPPAbaby G Luxe review, let us first take a look at the package:

What Is Included In the Box

GLUXE15 Makena

Besides the stroller, the box will include:

  1. Removable sunshade and SPF 50+ Hood
  2. Rain cover
  3. Removable cup holder
  4. In-depth instruction manuals

It is very nice to note that a removable cup holder will usually cost you more than $20, not included in many umbrella strollers product. The Removable sunshade will also cost a lot more, so the G Luxe offers very nice extras.

Let us resume the UPPAbaby G Luxe Review by discussing the key features and advantages.

Key Features of UPPAbaby G Luxe

GLUXE16 Georgie

Great Canopy

The canopy of the UPPAbaby G Luxe is not that big, but it features a very nice SPF 50+ sun visor. The sun visor will go all the way down to the bumper bar (if you place any), so it is an excellent protection from UV lights. Because the purpose is top protect from sunlight, it doesn’t feature a window. However, you can easily lift the back of the canopy to take a peek of your child when the seat is reclined. Considering the G Luxe is a lightweight umbrella stroller, this is a very nice feature to have, a rarity among umbrella strollers.

Ergonomic Handle Bars

The handlebars are non-adjustable, but it is already 42″ from the ground, which is a perfect height both for taller and shorter parents. The handlebars are covered with durable foam that is very comfortable to grip on, and the thickness is very decent.

Easy Fold and Unfold

A very important feature. The UPPABaby G Luxe uses a two-hand fold method. You can simply press the triggers on both sides of the frame together, no foot action required. It is very easy to use, but you indeed need to use both hands, which might be an issue for many.

Padded Seat and 5-Point Safety Harness

The padded seat is 12″ wide and 19.5″ height, which is a very comfortable size for your baby. The seat fabric is very high-quality, as expected from UPPAbaby. There are 3 different recline positions that can easily be adjusted with only one hand.

The adjustable harness is 5-point, which will ensure safety. It uses a center release button that is very easy to operate.

However, since there is no flat recline position, it is only recommended for babies that are at least three months old or 55 lbs in weight.

Great Wheels

Wheels are often the issue of many umbrella strollers, which can hinder mobility significantly. The G Luxe offers four double heavy-duty rubber wheels with 5.75″ in diameter each. The front wheels are swivel, but unfortunately, cannot be locked down. They do feature all-wheel suspension and single action brake.

To summarize the key features for this UPPAbaby G Luxe review, here are the technical specs of the G Luxe.

Technical Specs

  • Stroller weight: 15 lbs
  • Overall length: 33″
  • Overall width: 19″
  • Folded dimensions: 12”W x 8.5”L x 42.5”H
  • Seat to canopy height: 27″
  • Wheels: 5.75″, swivel front wheels
  • Handlebar height: 42″
  • Weight limit: 55 lbs

As you can see, the UPPAbaby G Luxe is one of the lightest in the market with only 15 lbs. You can easily lift the G Luxe with one hand, yet there is no significant compromise to durability.

However, there during our UPPAbaby G luxe review and test, there are some minor issues we disliked. They are:

Cons of UPPAbaby G Luxe

Lack of a Peekaboo Window

As we have mentioned when we discussed the sunscreen above, there is no window on the cover. The lack of peekaboo window might be an issue for some parents who are willing to see what your baby is doing all the time (and that’s a lot of us). This could be an issue, but not a major dealbreaker.

No Harness Padding

The harness does not feature padding and crotch pad, which is another minor issue. The harness itself was made from a very high-quality material with decent softness, so it is unlikely to scratch your baby. However, extra safety measures in the form of padding would be nice.

Our Verdict and Conclusion

uppababy g luxe stroller maya marigold carbon 2

It is no secret that UPPAbaby strollers are not exactly the cheapest, so ultimately the question is: Is the UPPAbaby G Luxe worth it? In our opinion, it is! The UPPAbaby G Luxe offer many features not found in competing umbrella strollers. The quality of the build, wheels, and overall durability is also exceptional.

Besides, the UPPABaby G Luxe is relatively affordable compared to other UPPABaby strollers. In our opinion, the G Luxe is one of the best options for lightweight strollers available today.

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