Urbini Omni Plus Travel System Stroller

Traveling with babies can be hard.

Not only do you need to remember everything for yourself, but you also have to remember what the baby needs. The list can be long, and there are factors to consider.

What if they fall asleep in the car and you need to put them in the stroller? That’s where the Urbini Omni Plus Travel System Stroller comes in.

Below is our Urbini stroller review – let’s take a look.

Urbini Stroller Review

The Urbini Omni Plus is more than your regular stroller. It has travel system in the title, and for a good reason. Pamela Halstead of Experienced Mommy explains that travel systems come with a stroller, car seat, and a car seat base that you place permanently in your car.

Urbini Omni Plus

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The beauty of this combination is the fluidity. The car seat can be clicked into the base in the car and into the stroller, so it’s all one system. This means you can easily transfer your sleeping infant from the car to the stroller. With just two clicks you’ve lifted them up out of the car and into the stroller, without having to wake them.

The Urbini Omni Plus Travel System is an excellent option because it has all the features of a high-end stroller without the price tag. There aren’t too many options on the market for those who are on a tight budget. The Urbini Omni Plus gives you the freedom to transfer your child with as little disturbance as possible, without having to fork out for it.


  • Newborn Insert
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Stroller Convertible


  • Slightly Heavy
  • Doesn’t Have a Tray
  • Carseat is Small in Size

This Urbini stroller review will now cover their basic features. Let’s take a look at what you get with the Urbini Omni Plus Travel System.

Urbini Stoller’s Main Features

Now that you know what a travel system is, let’s check out the Urbini Omni Plus main features:

  • Weight Limitations: all car seats come with weight limitations, but the Urbini stroller is particularly flexible. Pamela explains that it has a 4-pound minimum, with the maximum being 35 pounds. This means it accommodates for even pre-mature babies, too.
  • Height Limitations: the height limitation of the Urbini stroller is 32 inches. This is more than enough for your child to reach its first birthday.
  • Newborn Insert: the car seat comes with a newborn insert that you can remove when they’re old enough to support their head.
  • Stroller Weight Limitation: the stroller can support a child up to 50 pounds. This is a generous weight limit and typical of the stroller industry.
  • Stroller Harness: your child will feel safe and secure with the 5-point stroller harness. This is another standard in the stroller industry and personally highly recommended to keep your little one safe.

Additional Features of the Urbini Stroller

We’ve covered the main features in this Urbini stroller review. Now let’s take a look at any other features it may come with:

  • Stroller Convertible: the stroller part of the travel system can convert into a bassinet if your baby is still a newborn and prefers to sleep flat on their back. There aren’t too many strollers you’ll find in this price range that can do this. Another benefit of this feature is that it makes it easy to change their diapers Fildena.
  • Seat Convertible: not only can you adjust the stroller to sit up or lay flat, but you can also change its direction. You can place the car seat either forward or back facing. This is a great additional feature when they’re little, and you want to keep your eye on them. When they grow out of the car seat and just use the stroller, they’ll be forward facing only.
  • Adjustable Handle: this is another additional feature that you won’t find too much in this price range. Having an adjustable handle means you can size the stroller to your personal preferences, without having to sacrifice comfortability for convenience.

Each additional feature of the Urbini Omni Plus means that you can tailor the stroller to your needs. Urbini understands that strollers aren’t necessarily one size fits all. The Metronidazole stroller is particularly flexible considering how little it will set you back.

Using the Urbini Omni Plus

The Urbini Omni Plus Travel System is an excellent option for busy moms on the go. Disturbing a sleeping baby can throw your whole routine out of whack.

Finding a stroller that where you can easily transfer your newborn from the car that’s not going to break the bank isn’t easy. The Urbini stroller comes with all the features of a high-end model.

Keeping your baby asleep while transferring them in just two clicks has never been easier.

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Alice Adams says June 1, 2019

I like this Urbini Stroller because it is convertable and very spacious for my baby. The handle is adjustable to our own personal preference. Thank you for this amazing product. People who want to do more research can check out https://parentswishlist.com/urbini-stroller-review/ for more infomation. Cheers!


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