Why You Shouldn’t Use a Vintage or Antique Baby Stroller

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They came in all shapes and sizes.

Vintage or antique baby strollers were a sight to be seen. Before the ergonomics of the modern stroller this vintage stroller are the best infant stroller for newborns, moms everywhere pushed their babies around in what could be confused with an artillery tank.

However, it wasn't just aesthetics that were a concern. Let's take a look at a vintage baby stroller and find out why you shouldn't use one with your modern baby.

What is a Vintage Baby Stroller?

The dawn of the 19th century brought with it a new invention – the perambulator. Phil and Ted's explains that this was a new design from anything that had been seen before – complete with a handlebar and breaks.

City dwellers had begun to make use of the smoother pavements and access to parks. Science was spreading the rumor that it was good for you and your baby to get out for some sun and fresh air.

The first vintage baby stroller was a three-wheel design created by Charles Burton. This model of stroller came with big spoked wheels and a chair made out of furniture fabric.

Customers quickly complained about a lack of control. The wheels came with big spokes which in itself was a safety hazard. The types of metals available in the 19th century meant that vintage baby strollers were often extremely heavy.

Due to safety concerns surrounding the manufacturing materials, it was a relief when the umbrella stroller first appeared on the market in the 1960's. The first model was made out of aluminum, a favorable alternative to being manufactured from heavy steel.

Comparing a Vintage Stroller with a Modern Stroller

There were a number of issues with a vintage baby stroller that meant its days were numbered. Now that you know what a vintage stroller is let's take a look at how one compares to a modern stroller and why you shouldn't use one to walk your infant.

Dana of Magic Beans breaks down the differences between a vintage baby stroller and its modern counterpart.

The first difference is the most obvious – size. Vintage baby strollers took up a considerable amount of space in public, particularly on the sidewalks. A New York Times article published in 1940 highlights this somewhat serious problem.

They recognize the number of perambulators on already congested streets to be a problem. There just wasn't room to accommodate the rise in mothers taking their children on walks.

The second difference between a modern stroller and a vintage baby model is the ergonomics. Simply put, they didn't fold. This poses a problem for the flexibility of transport. A vintage baby stroller certainly wouldn't fit in your modern-day vehicle.

The third and final difference between a vintage baby stroller and a modern-day stroller is the baby seat. Unfortunately, vintage baby strollers weren't much use once your baby began to sit up. The seat only allowed for a lying down position, which was ideal for newborns, but not so for an older child.

What a Vintage Stroller Should be Used for

You now know why you shouldn't use a vintage or antique baby stroller. They are heavy, large and lack the ergonomic convenience of a modern version. Let's take a look at what you can use a vintage baby stroller for as an alternative:

Beth Callaghan of Apartment Therapy sees vintage baby strollers as an opportunity to do some redecorating. She explains that while their functionality might be outdated, they can still be used to add to the aesthetics of a room.

Her first suggestion is using it as a piece of décor in the nursery. This is especially recommended if you're going for a rustic, retro look. Additionally, the bassinet part of a vintage baby stroller is ideal to be used as baby's first bed. Just make sure to pad the base with new sheets.

Another use for a vintage baby stroller is as a rolling book cart. Once your child has graduated to a bookshelf, they can keep all of their stuffed animals cozy in the bassinet.

A final, innovative idea to make use of a vintage baby stroller is to re purpose it as a planter in the garden.

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Opting for a Modern Stroller Over a Vintage One

Despite some questionable designs, vintage baby strollers did hit the aesthetic mark now and then. However, they are no longer functional when compared to a modern baby stroller.

How to Choose a stroller that's right for your baby? While you shouldn't use a vintage baby stroller to take your infant for a walk, you can always get creative with alternative uses.  From a staple in your baby's nursery to a garden decoration, vintage baby strollers still have their place.

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