Ways to Make Your Baby Smarter

There is nothing happier than being a mother which is why you want everything to be perfect for your baby. In your endeavor to do so, you don’t restrict the kids from doing something they like. You teach them everything you know so that they can face the world and succeed in life. Therefore, it becomes imperative to teach them to be smart so that they know how to be tactful and handle any situations. Given that they are small kids you need to take baby steps to teach them the ropes of life. Therefore, we present to you some creative ways to transform your kids into smart and intelligent little angels.

Catching their attention


The newborns have a tendency of imprinting on the first thing they see; so make sure you’re the one he sees first. Look into his eyes so that he starts building memories. As he grows, up start waving your hand to see how he responds, as studies show that a baby as young as 2 days old can imitate you effortlessly. Moreover, with each growing day, show him new pictures of different objects so that they can get accustomed to new things.

Talking to the angels

A phase which is perhaps the most important is this one where you start interacting with him. For starters, it is best to sing songs to them and talk to them to see whether they are reacting to it or not. It is advisable you keep them away from television and other distraction and keep the babies engaged by playing with them. While doing daily chores like changing diapers, carefully show the different parts of the body to the babies to educate them. Moreover, try to make them happy by cracking jokes and making weird funny faces which will catch their eyes almost instantly. Bonding is a necessary part of the mother-child relation, so make use of every opportunity you get. It is observed that the best way to do so is through intimacy like when you are breastfeeding or bathing your little baby.

It is play time


If you are looking to make your kid an intelligent one, then there is no better way than to make him think. First, take him to a playground where he can play, preferably with other babies. This will help the baby learn new thing like playing games and interacting with others which is a very important lesson. Moreover, he will get to acclimatize to a whole new surrounding which will help see new things like trees, animals which till now was only restricted to pictures for him.  You can create a small obstacle course and ask him to complete it in order to gauge his intelligence level. In addition, it is advisable you take him out shopping where he will be exposed to different sounds and colors of the items which will help him to concentrate better.

Let him learn


Learning is a process which should start from an early age. This is why you can slowly help them start learning games like three-card monte. You can also play peekaboo with him to see his face light up with happiness. Not only does it provide a lot of giggles but they get to learn that things can disappear and re-appear. At this age babies tend to drop their toys a lot; don’t get frustrated as it is their way of learning how the gravity works.



When they start reacting to actions, you can be sure it’s time to take it to the next level which is to teach the little ones numbers and letters. The first thing you can teach babies is counting. So start counting everything including the number of toes and fingers to see how many steps there are in your house, etc.  Make sure you count at a higher voice and see whether they are joining in or not; don’t forget to encourage them as and when you can. Moreover, reading tales to your kids while putting them to sleep has been a ritual in almost every house. Not only are they entertaining but according to imminent scientists, 8 month babies have the capability of understanding word sequences which means that your baby can learn the language you are speaking to him. It works even better if you replace the names of the characters in the story books with that of your family members as this makes them feel connected to the story and helps them keep their attention intact.

Food habits


Eating is something we all like and the same can be said of the hungry toddlers. You must tell them the things that they should eat and inform them of their names over and over again to make sure they get the names. Moreover, this is also a valuable lesson for the little kiddo as he will understand what things to put in their mouth.

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